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CD review: Infectious music from Plastic Planets

the self-titled debut CD from Plastic Planets


Be forewarned, the self-titled debut CD from Orlando/Miami based band Plastic Planets is extremely catchy. One listen is all it takes to get hooked on the band’s atmospheric rock music. Repeated listens will only heighten and solidify the experience for listeners.

Plastic Planets debut CD
CD cover

Plastic Planets is Jeffrey Alan Wright (Social Ghost, Blue Man Group) on drums, Eric Van Lugo (Social Ghost) on bass and vocals and Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (MUTEMATH) on guitar. The band members’ experiences with their other musical projects come shining through on this CD. Their well-crafted songs are a creative fusion of rock, pop, prog/electro and psychedelic music that have an overall classic rock sound.

The ten songs on this CD attest to the band’s diverse sound. There are up-tempo, bubbly pop style songs “No Regrets” and “Follow” and there are edgier songs such as “Useless” and “Sunshine.” “Brother” and “Sunshine” are both highlighted by the sonically diverse sounds Mitchell-Cárdenas coaxes out of his guitar. Their song “Me Go” has a striking vintage rock feel to it, like something new and old intertwined. The CD closes with the spacecadelic sounds of “Little Star.”

The Plastic Planets debut CD is a spirited musical adventure teeming with immensely infectious songs and textured walls of atmospheric music, perfect for fans of varied styles of music.

The CD was released on the band’s Bandcamp site in December, but gets an official release show January 10 at The Haven in Orlando with the band’s first live show. Also on the bill is Orlando band Empire Theory. The doors open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $8 for this 18+ show.

Music fans can find out more about Plastic Planets in this article and also on the band’s Facebook page or Twitter feed.

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