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CD Review: FOZZY - Do You Wanna Start A War (2014 Century Media)

CD Review: FOZZY - Do You Wanna Start A War (2014 Century Media)


Fozzy is back to deliver the beginning of a new metal revolution, and the vehicle to push the revolution is the brand new album “Do You Wanna Start A War.” With no barriers and restrictions the brains behind developing “Do You Wanna Start A War” is The Duke of Metal Rich Ward. It is evident in this release that they moved away from the norm and processed a new sound and possibly new genre of hard rock/metal.

CD Review Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War

“Do You Wanna Start A War” does not give you a direct sound that you are used, the usual straight up heavy metal, the doom grooves, or the shredding. But “Do You Wanna Start A War” gives you a new outlook on music in the evolution of Fozzy. Of course you know you will always get that deep riff and soulful vibe from Rich Ward puts into his music. What else you are given is a melodic and harmonic enrichment of Chris Jericho voice.

Make no mistake “Do You Wanna Start A War” is a new unconquered territory for Fozzy and it takes some time for it sink in. Because it is different than any other Fozzy release. This release is eligible for mainstream airplay. If this happens it is aired on terrestrial airwaves expect Fozzy to blow up. It has an extremely strong presence on Satellite Radio which it is charting. Would like to see this release hit terrestrial and give Fozzy their dues.

Now to the meat of this release, the actual tracks:

“Do You Wanna Start A War” is nice piece that really sets the stage for the entire release. It gives you that deep grinding groove riff and the strong vocals of Jericho and the backing vocals. This track is easily one that will stick in your head and will have you humming along to it before it ends. “Bad Tattoo” is a deep groove track with an upbeat tempo with extremely strong guitar riffs throughout the song. The chorus is catchy and really hooky. After the first verse the music is predictable, and that is a good thing, in this song you look forward to the next part and thrive through it. The solo, unique and very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. No shredding but deliberate. “Lights Go Out” this is indeed to song to strip to. Nice groove and high toned melody really sets this song. Would definitely recommend putting this one on if you are planning a date. “Died With You” ballad time people. If you are looking a smooth song with a lot of melody and harmony and ballad style than check this one out. It is definitely one that should get more attention and indeed airplay. “Tonight” is the happy upbeat song. This is the booty mover track. This should do great live. Great harmonies in the chorus and if catchy. This song has a bunch of hints of other songs you have heard all mashed into one track. Plus they have Steel Panther’s frontman Michael Starr singing in this one as well so it has to be great. “Brides of Fire” The face-melter track is unleashed. Of course Rich Ward developed this as it is heavy, deep and you hear his growls chanting the “Brides of Fire.” This is easily one of my favorite tracks. “One Crazed Anarchist” is a track that fits the model of the new Fozzy vibe. You get the powerful vocals of Jericho, deep groove and growl of the guitar. Catchy melodic chorus and the growls of Ward. “Unstoppable” great vocals by Christie Cook in this one. Still has that Fozzy vibe and sound but with the strong female vocals. “Scarecrow” is the standout track on this release. It starts off real slow than a heavy pound of the backing than the deep growl “Scarecrow.” This song has some really deep lyrics. From what I can make out of it, it may have the meaning of a country being torn apart and asking for help. Or even a mythological kind of vibe. Nice solo in this track. The drums also really have a strong presence. “No Good Way” is a straight up hard rocking track. Great lyrics and vocals. A song that should get a lot of airplay. The chorus is extremely catchy and hooky. They almost lose me in this song by mentioning the word “gasoline.” But other than that I really dig this track and find myself listening to this often. Now for a track to really throw you off while rocking out is the ABBA cover track “SOS.” When I first listened to this I did not read the tracklisting and was really impressed on how well they covered this song. I think this is one of the best covers I have heard recorded in years. They have their own take on this version and really pull it off. To think that this song was actually written and recording in 1975 and today it is resurrected and relevant is really impressive. Closing “Do You Wanna Start A War” is the final track “Witchery.” This track delivers you the vibe of old Fozzy with the groove, riff and the delightful growl vocals of Rich Ward. The song is really easy to follow and to understand and get it into your soul. Nice bass riff at the end. Great solo by Ward. Ward does a great job with his powerful blend throughout this release, such an under-rated guitarist who is better than most guitar performers in the world.

Overall: 5/5 The reason I gave this such high score was due to them being upfront with the public that “Do You Wanna Start A War” is different than anything else they have put out there and this record stretches the boundaries’ and creative approach on all the musicians. This release does require you to dwell deep into it by giving it numerous spins so you can have it become one with you. It is well worth this process. Make this release by Fozzy yours today!


1. Do You Wanna Start A War

2. Bad Tattoo

3. Lights Go Out

4. Died With You

5. Tonight

6. Brides Of Fire

7. One Crazed Anarchist

8. Unstoppable

9. Scarecrow

10. No Good Way

11. SOS

12. Witchery

Fozzy consists of:

Chris Jericho

Rich Ward

Paul Di Leo

Frank Fontsere

Billy Grey


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