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CD Review : Don Jamieson - Hell Bent For Laughter (Metal Blade Records 2014)

Don Jamieson "Hell Bent For Laughter" (Metal Blade Records 2014)
Don Jamieson "Hell Bent For Laughter" (Metal Blade Records 2014)Metal Blade Records

Don Jamieson "Hell Bent For Laughter" (Metal Blade Records 2014)


He's back, the sideburns, comedian, That Metal Show co-host, and all out full metal supporter, Don Jamieson with a new CD titled "Hell Bent For Laughter" (Metal Blade Records 2014). The release was recorded in December of 2013 at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Pleasant Beach, NJ. The BYOB club, one of Jamieson’s favorites on the east coast, turned out to be the perfect venue for Don’s straight-forward, irreverent comedy!

The 11 tracks of insanity is a constant bombarding of jokes all over the place from, dick jokes, metal music, child birth, Justin Beiber, Betty White, and of course the almighty vagina. This is an extremely fast listening to CD. When Don gets rolling with his stories it really keeps you captivated. This is a must listen to for any comedy listening fan. Don has the strong power to pull his crowd into his stories and reel them all the way to the end. His strength with "Hell Bent For Laughter" is indeed the smooth interwoven pieces of the metal and his dick jokes. A deadly combination for a CD that you will listen to over and over and tell your friends about.

Overall: I have to give Don Jamieson's "Hell Bent For Laughter" (Metal Blade Records 2014) a 5/5 stars for this release. As stated above, it will keep you captivated, it is extremely easy to follow and of course his humor is top notch. If I could give it anymore stars I would.

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