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CD review: Dane Myers’ ‘This Changes Everything’

Dane Myers ‘This Changes Everything’
Dane Myers ‘This Changes Everything’
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Dane Myers’ ‘This Changes Everything’


The debut CD from Orlando based singer/songwriter Dane Myers, “This Changes Everything,” is a collection of ten beautifully crafted love songs. They aren’t all about falling in love, some are about falling out of love and the heartbreak and/or emptiness left behind, but the stories are all told with thoughtful introspective lyrics and heartfelt, passionate vocals.

The pop/rock songs on “This Changes Everything” run the gamut from stark acoustic tunes such as “Hear From Home Again” to the horn accented steady beats in the reggae flavored “I’d Be Me.” “Right” and “Eyes” are soft, breezy love songs that ooze with warm, feel-good vibes.

The title “(Shouldn’t Hurt) But It Does” pretty much gives away the subject matter as the song gently unfolds with a bluesy tone. The hand claps and bubbly music in “Rise Above” deftly accentuate the rapid fire lyrical delivery. Another song of failed love, “Scars” features tribal drums and a clack clack sound offset by the sweet sounding piano chords and graceful wail of strings.

The guitars give a slight country twang to the piano drenched “Better.” The electric guitar and vocal harmonies really stand out on the more up-tempo “Take It or Leave It.” The delicate tinkling piano keys and mournful strings surrender to the soaring vocals on “A Hillside and a Cable Car” as the song builds momentum, ending the song and the CD with an emotionally charged flourish.

The Dane Myers band produced and mixed the CD at their own Orlando based studio, Wholehearted Productions. They also work with other bands at the studio as well.

Music fans can check out the Orlando band and their music on their official site, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation and SoundCloud. The CD is available on the band's official site or iTunes.