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Catholicism 101

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Catholicism for Dummies


If you want to learn more about what the Catholic Church teaches or, if you want to teach the Catholic faith, Catholicism for Dummies is a one-stop answer guide that provides insightful and timely answers to many questions of what the Catholic Church teaches. In its 2nd ed., Rev. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD and Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, PhD bring to light many of the questions asked by the faithful and the denominational Christian apologetic reform movement. Those questions are answered in this easy-to-read guide which covers many topical and up-to-date faith questions.

Catholicism for Dummies is divided in 5 parts with 399 pages of information. The book covers basic Catholic beliefs but is rich in content, and is a useful tool as an apologetic handbook. The book will cover questions about the Mass, the sacraments, with information on various saints. Also included are an explanation of the Ten Commandments, information on Mary with beliefs and teachings and how to grow in the faith. Many questions are answered in this easy to read format. It is also great as a teaching tool. The book was published by Wiley Press.

If you want to learn more about what Catholics believe goto Catholicism for Dummies on Amazon.Com by visiting this link: