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Catholic Future: Rediscovering Catholicism ‘The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic


The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic written by Matthew Kelly was printed by Beacon Publishing in 2012 and is a book advocated by The Dynamic Catholic Institute. The book is 216 pages in length and attempts to evaluate the reasons for the large number of declining Catholics who are disengaged from their faith. This analysis is largely confined within the United States however but makes mention of poor Catholic commitment in other countries. Despite the lack of participation of the Catholic faithful, the book is a catalyst for reinvigorating the faithful back into the “genius” of Catholicism.

The various studies made by The Dynamic Catholic Institute are mentioned. These studies attempt to answer the big question: why does the largest body of Christians show the least amount of commitment to Mass on Sunday? What is the meaning of Catholic engagement? The answer may well surprise the reader. And is one reason this book is well worth reading. The Dynamic Catholic Institute is committed to inviting the faithful back to Mass. The Institute’s book program is designed to reinvigorate Catholics to the actual meaning of their faith by many generous book donations to the Parishes with funds that are largely absorbed by the Institute. For more information on how the benevolent programs work you must read the book. I have provided a link to the book here: The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.

The book is divided into the four signs; the signs that are indicators of those Catholics who are engaged in their faith. They are as follows: prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization. The author handles each one of these signs as an individual chapter and two that are closely interconnected are study and evangelization. Hence the books theme is the principle of continuous improvement. The author encourages you to take small, manageable steps to becoming a dynamic Catholic.

When I am spiritually healthy, nothing bothers me

The author’s goal is for the reader to develop a better habit of a consistent prayer life. The book will encourage the reader in ways that will make a sustainable prayer life more meaningful. This is part of the commitment of developing good habits, which need to be sought out intentionally, otherwise, the only thing we find is that we fall into bad habits.

The point here, and which the author alludes to, is that people are not taught how to pray. If people were taught how to pray they would pray more often.

This is a book about the challenges Catholics face. At the same time it is very clear that the Catholic Church is by far the most benevolent organization on the planet.

Every single day we serve Catholics and non-Catholics around the world be feeding more people, housing more people, clothing more people, caring for more people, visiting more prisons, and educating more students than any other institution on the planet.

Catholics need to understand the importance of quiet time with God. Noise has drowned out quiet time

Clarity emerges from silence

Other books by Matthew Kelly are worth looking into: Building Better Families, Off Balance.

If you are what you should be you will set the world ablaze –Catherine of Siena

Also recommended Fishers of Men for a better understanding of the state of the society in which we live from a Catholic perspective.

A vision for the future of the Catholic Church is the premise of the book that will bring about a positive change, increasing commitment, and allow more people to be served.

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