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Catalina Island Zip Lining Deal

Catalina Island Zip Lining Eco Tour


Adventure seekers will get a thrill out of this deal. Catalina Island off the coast of Long Beach, California is offering a deal for just $99 (no including tax) for the chance to zip line 500-600 feet above sea level. Through the course of 5 separate zip lines, you are propelled down the island with many different views and opportunities to seek the thrill of height and wind.

The package deal also includes round trip transportation on the Catalina Express from Dana Point, Long Beach or San Pedro departures.

Some restrictions apply with dates, it is recommended to call 855-ZIP-AWAY for availability dates.

The staff is very informative and helpful throughout the whole tour. They not only show you many different aspects of the island that one cannot see on the ground, they give you information on the history of the island, the wild life and vegetation; all while giving you the courage to zip away.