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Cat rescue exhibitors drew crowds at the Super Pet Expo

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Cat rescue exhibitors drew crowds at the Super Pet Expo


Animal rescue groups and shelters are always looking for ways to promote their cause and gain exposure for pets in need of good homes. The recent Super Pet Expo offered an excellent venue for cat rescue groups in New Jersey to showcase their adoptable pets. The event was teeming with attendees, and people could not help but stop to inquire about the many cats and kittens in need of good homes. The expo took place February 7-9, 2014, at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison.

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Below are a few of the groups highlighted at the event that specializes in cat rescue, including one animal shelter that also rescues dogs:

Only Maine Coone Rescue is based in New Jersey. Their network of foster homes is spread out over a wide area. They specialize in the rescue of Maine Coon mixes from shelters and unwanted situations. On occasion, they rescue purebred Maine Coons, meaning the cats have papers registering them as a purebred cat. Although they cannot guarantee the percentage of Maine Coon in each cat that they rescue, they believe each cat or kitten represents the breed in a satisfactory manner.

Tuesday and Lisa Cat Rescue is a small, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) rescue group dedicated to reducing the number of homeless cats in Hudson County, New Jersey by finding the adoptable ones homes and spaying or neutering the feral cats. They receive no public funding and rely on the generosity of people who want to support their cause.

The Edison Animal Shelter serves Scotch Plains, Metuchen, Piscataway, Dunellen and Edison, New Jersey. They advise that the selection of dogs and cats available for adoption change on a daily basis, so please inquire at the shelter to confirm availability of the pet you are interested in.

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