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'Cast Away'

Tom Hanks portrays a realistic character


"We live and die by the clock, and we never ever allow ourselves the sin," of otherwise. Fed-Ex employee Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) teaches work and efficiency to a lot of awestruck last century Russian Fed-Ex employees, warning them based off of the digital lifestyle the man adheres to, that berries or adoptions happen in eighty-seven hours. On the America homefront, Tom and his girlfriend, Kelly Frears (Helen Hunt) own a perfect love for each other and the fictional year, 1995, it is ironic that Chuck Noland goes missing from society, and the film produced during the year of 2005. She gives him a sentimental family watch, an engraved pocket watch with her darling photo upon the dreamline of his heart.

A more contemplative Tom Hanks considers the options for sole survival on a tropical island six-hundred miles from the original Captain Cook island settlements.
20th Century Fox

Her image holds the man together long after the airplane crash which dove upon the ocean waves, and left him alone. The film alit upon the icon of rejection and the idea behind abandonment and the feelings behind all of that, marks a posthumous sadness for Noland. And just like the music of the flute and lyre which the classic neo-happenstance of tragedy fully mark as the ultimate rhythm, language and harmony of epic tragedy, the sadness which Noland must face eventually and the reality of his life on an island as a cast away changes the person of Noland forever. But whether rescue imminent or not, still the fact stood that he gave his girlfriend Kelly a likely engagement ring on Christmas just before he hopped the fatal flight. "Take it and open it on New Year's Eve," he said and gives her a tiny box with a golden bow to open. And the audience to assume the meaning of and the actual item of the gift, and from the giver as a once Fed-Ex worker only a few hours later. An important theme for the film story, he told her that he would be right back. After his trip experienced great turbulence both during and after his plane goes down, if not for the yellow rubber float device and some last second pure luck, imagine massive ocean waves. As famous folk singer Bob Dillon sang, "No direction home." "Not knowing the time is a sin." The top company Fed-Ex worker claimed only hours before. Hours later as a wash-up on a tiny island shore, time takes on a whole new meaning. Several Fed-Ex packages wash up on the shore as a thunderstorm breaks out.