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Casey Nicholaw's magic carpet ride is Broadway's breathtaking moment in Aladdin

Aladdin is the family musical comedy of the season. Only Disney could create this much magic on Broadway. Broadway Global.
Aladdin is the family musical comedy of the season. Only Disney could create this much magic on Broadway. Broadway Global.
Broadway Global

Aladdin on Broadway at The New Amsterdam Theatre


Broadway Global and Theatre Chat share a sneak peak at the newest Broadway smash hit musical, Disney's "Aladdin". The musical written by Chad Beguelin, Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, (all other lyrics and additional lyrics by Chad Beguelin) is still in previews, and getting well deserved standing ovations every night. This "Aladdin" is set to take a very long magic carpet ride, along side Disney's biggest box office hit "The Lion King". Alan Menken's music like "Newsies" seizes the day. "Director and Choreographer Casey Nicholaw has created Broadway's most breathtaking musical. Aladdin takes us to A Whole New World. The most anticipated musical for the last two decades. The Genie has been freed." Broadway Global.

Aladdin is A Whole New World.  The Genie has been freed. Broadway Global.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

The magic carpet ride is one of those moments on Broadway that brings goose bumps, with unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings, soaring, tumbling, freewheeling, through an endless diamond sky. "Aladdin" is the family Broadway musical comedy of the season! Thanks to lighting "A Whole New World" captures the magic. Hold your breath, it gets better. Agrabah has never looked this good. The production team has kept "One Jump Ahead" in production values, "These Palace Walls" bring "High Adventure" to Broadway like never seen before. The end of act one has the biggest ensemble tap number that you will see on Broadway this season. You may be "A Million Miles Away" but "Aladdin" is in the heart of every theatre lover. Get your tickets now because you will need a Genie and three wishes after it official opens.

Prince Ali AKA Adam Jacobs as Aladdin is handsome, giving a heartfelt performance while bringing down the house with his solo song which was cut from the cartoon movie Aladdin. The song called "Proud of Your Boy", also has a wonderful reprise in Act two. As one of the original cast members of the very first Disney's "Aladdin" musical, which was over twenty years ago at Disneyland, we were lucky to hear "Proud of Your Boy" as one of our cast members Curt Skinner (RENT) was asked to sing and record it. As soon as you heard "Proud of Your Boy" you knew this music was heading to Broadway, we just didn't know it would take over twenty years to bring Aladdin's breathtaking musical to life.

Yup that's me in the turban! My mind reading character is now another ensemble character played by Marisha Wallace (Fortune Teller), let that crystal ball shine! "Aladdin" it's crystal clear, that now I'm in a whole new world. The musical "Aladdin" brought us all luck, Lesli Margherita who played our Disneyland Jasmine stars in "Matilda" and Eric Leviton our Kasim now in "Kinky Boots", Curt Skinner starred in "RENT" and Tracy Miller in "Hairspray"." Richard Cameron of Theatre Chat.

Shining, shimmering, splendid is what Casey Nicholaw's direction is down to every detail. Casey's staging and choreography are sure to be nominated for Tony Awards. "Aladdin" will have the most Tony Award nominations this season, from lights, costumes, choreography, orchestrations, best actor, best actress, direction and the list could go on and on, but I'm no mind reader any more. Let's leave that Tony Award winning magic to Disney.

Broadway Global and Theatre Chat were lucky to see the standby go on for the Genie, Michael James Scott who is the true star of this musical. We love to see an Standby capture the audience as Michael James Scott did with his voice, comedic moments and sex appeal. "Somebody's Got Your Back" is a new hit song for "Aladdin" thanks to his performance. Many patrons near by commented on Michael James Scott brilliant performance, and many rose to their feet with a full standing ovation on his entrance for curtain call, sometimes the standby or understudy is just as talented, or more gifted than the actor who is cast.

Courtney Reed as Jasmine is glorious and enchanting. Jonathan Freeman (Jafar) captures the essence while being very likeable for the bad guy character.. The three side kicks Brian Gonzales Babkak, Brandon O'Neil (Kassim) and Jonathan Schwartz (Omar) proves Disney's formulated comedy in three works every time. Don Darryl Rivera as (Lago) may be the surprise, they have chosen at least for previews for Lago to be human with no mask as a parrot, but lines achieve that beat. Don't expect to see Aladdin's friendly monkey Abu, but somehow through a few added lines and characters you don't miss him as much as one would think.

New Aladdin songs give you a dazzling place I never knew, Howard Ashman would be proud, proud of that boy who must have put himself in those shoes when writing lyrics to "Proud of Your Boy". We all want to represent our Mother or Father, the parents that have sacrificed to give us our wings to fly.. the song took on a deeper meaning knowing that Howard Ashman was one who never made it to the current day medications for AIDS survival, but Howard Ashman's lyrics inspires us just as deeply today. Your mother would be "Proud of Your Boy". "Aladdin" a thrilling place, a wondrous place, for you and me!

"Aladdin" is now playing New Amsterdam Theatre located at 214 W 42nd Street, New York, New York 10036. For tickets visit Don't Forget to include an "Aladdin" producer in your vote for your 2014 Broadway Global Producer of the Year, they could be included with 2012 Jordan Scott Gilbert (Ghost) and 2013 Dale Badway (Pippin) winners.

Send in your nomination now. For more information visit and Broadway Global would love to see a woman producer honored in 2014, like London's "Scottsboro Boys" Producer Catherine Schreiber, a producer from another country, or a producer who is bringing change to the stage and our globe, but the sky is the limit. Your vote chooses the winner!

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