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Caru Chicken Bars - tasty and healthy treats

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Caru Recipe Chicken Bars


Caru Natural Chicken Recipe Bars are a wonderful addition to anyone's dog treat collection. These are healthy treats that break up easily and are excellent for training.

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Caru Pet Foods started with a Golden Retriever named Karu owned by Pamela and Adrian Pettyan. As Canadian medical professionals they were willing to research and come up with natural alternatives when it became apparent that their dog's recurrent ear infections responded to nutrition. The word "caru" means "to love" in Welsh - what better choice for a dog food and treats made with love for dogs?

The Recipe Bar treats come in three flavors - chicken, duck and beef. The treats are made in the USA and with no preservatives. For the chicken flavor, USDA inspected chicken tops the ingredient list. The bars come in a resealable bag so they will retain their freshness. Full information is provided on the bag, including a calorie count.

The bars come in a thick strip about six inches long. They are easy to break into smaller pieces to use for training if you choose. These are not chew treats. They are fairly soft and the dogs eat them quickly. The treats have a pleasant odor, unlike some canine favorites.

The website has a handy page for finding suppliers online and possible local retailers so you can get the bars easily. The bars are packaged in 3.5 ounce packages. which retail for $4.49 or thereabouts.

All four test dogs ate the chicken bars readily. The one test dog is known for being fussy. He usually carries a treat around for a bit, puts it down and checks it thoroughly before eating. Not so with the Caru Chicken Bar. He immediately ate his treat right down. If you have a dog with any food sensitivities you would need to check the ingredients carefully and purchase a flavor that fits your dog.

The Caru Chicken Bars can certainly be added to your assortment of safe and healthy treats for your dog. Being made in the USA adds a level of safety for these treats. Be sure to check out the various flavors. For small dogs, you might choose to try the "Bites" instead of the bars.