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Carmageddon review

You character select screen.  Die Anna is all smiles, while Max Damage (default name) looks shocked.
You character select screen. Die Anna is all smiles, while Max Damage (default name) looks shocked.
Ken Kriho



Carmageddon is a racing game released for PC on June 30th 1997. The game was developed by Stainless Games and published by SC and Interplay. The game’s story is loosely similar to the 1975 movie Death Race 2000, which in turn was based on a shorty called The Racer by Ib Melchoir. Should you participate in this crazed race, or leave this game in the garage?

Carmageddon title
Ken Kriho

Graphics-Scenery wise, the graphics are pretty good. The environment is well done, and each area doesn’t feel redundantly repetitive. The vehicles are pretty cool, and each one brings variety to the race. The pedestrians are also well done, and there’s a good assortment.

Sound-The soundtrack is appropriate, but there are so few songs, it gets repetitive and dull after a while. The voice acting is also so-so, and the screams and moans are also subpar at best.

Gameplay-The concept is an interesting but controversial concept. The idea of running down humans (for the most part, as other tracks have livestock included (humor?)) is something rarely heard of in racing games. The more you kill the more credit and time you get. You then use the credits to upgrade your Power, Armor, and Offense categories, making your vehicle deadlier. The races are a free for all, you can go out of bounds, and only end when you want it to (after you cross each checkpoint in order before time runs out or by wasting opponents/killing all pedestrians).

Controls-This is the game’s Achilles Heel. The controls are semi-sluggish, semi-unresponsive and something as simple as turning can be problematic. The problem isn’t in the game’s use of realistic physics (which work), but the developers didn’t spend enough time tweaking the controls to make them more responsive.

Overall-An interesting concept mixed in with shallow gameplay and sluggish controls make this game a good time killer, but by no means a classic.

Score: 3/5

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