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Capresso Coffee a la Carte brews a better cup

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Cup-to-Carafe Coffee and Tea Maker


Oh man, if you need a coffee maker, I have a coffee maker for you. Wait, no, scratch that. You need this coffee maker. More importantly, the Coffee a la Carte coffee maker from Capresso is a coffee maker that you should want, that you should have lust in your heart for because it is simply that good.

Capresso Coffee a la Carte $179.99
Kenneth Fish
Buzz buttons.
Kenneth Fish

Why get so worked up over what looks like your average drip coffee maker? Because there is nothing particularly average about the Coffee a la Carte. In fact, it’s not exactly a drip coffee maker at all. This coffee maker uses a quick heating 2.2 bar (31.9083 PSI) Italian-made pump system that always brews at the right temperature (195-205), so while the coffee may drip out of the bottom of the permanent filter, it enters through the tiny holes of the spray head as close to steam as it can be.

When I read the description of “next-generation coffee maker,” I was dubious to be sure, but after brewing a couple pots of coffee and a few mugs of tea, I knew that the Coffee a la Carte was something special. In addition to being able to brew a 42-ounce carafe of coffee in a little over five minutes, or a mug of tea in about one, this coffee maker features buttons that can be programmed to brew between a 2- and 10-ounce cup which is nice if you happen to be one of those people who only needs a little jolt to get you going. For the rest of us, the carafe is the way to go.

The Coffee a la Carte looks and feels like a precision coffee making machine because it is one. Since it relies on a heat pump to brew that perfect cup, it simply wouldn’t work if it wasn’t. There’s no two ways about it, the Coffee a la Carte is a high quality machine.

So, now you must be wondering whether or not this thing actually makes decent coffee, and the answer is no. It makes absolutely excellent coffee. Whether it is making a small or large cup or a whole carafe, it performs flawlessly, making rich coffee with just a little bit of fine sediment kind of like a French Press. Oh, yeah, it makes tea, too.

For more information about the Coffee a la Carte from Capresso, click here.

**Full disclosure: This coffee maker was provided at no cost for editorial consideration, to think otherwise would be silly.