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'Capote (2005)' Movie Review: In cold blood

'Capote (2005)'
'Capote (2005)'
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Capote (2005)


In 1959, a New York writer by the name of Truman Capote (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) hears of a senseless murder of a family of four in the town of Holcomb, Kansas. Now Capote is fascinated by this murder and wants to write a story on it. He and his partner Nellie Harper Lee (Catherine Keener) travel to Kansas to get some background info for the story.

While in Kansas, Capote becomes more and more enthralled with the story and wants to talk to the gentlemen who have been convicted for the murders. Perry Smith (Clifton Collins Jr.) and Dick Hickok (Mark Pellegrino) are in prison and want to talk but only if they can get something out of it.

As he starts his talks with the men Capote is more drawn to Perry rather than Dick. He knows there is more to this story than anyone is saying. Dick wants to talk and he does but Capote feels there is more from Perry that must be told. He actually feels compassion for this murderer.

Now he knows that to get Perry to talk he must make him feel that he is working for him. That maybe he might even fight for him to get a new trial. Once the bond is made Perry begins to talk. He discusses what really happened that night of the murders.

The two men will eventually be executed and Capote will go on to write his most famous book "In Cold Blood".

This biographical account of Capote and his crusade to get to the truth of the Holcomb Murders is what this film is all about. It also shows that all Capote wanted was what was good for Capote. He wanted the story and he got a good one.

Director Bennett Miller was able to not to show just what Capote the man was like. He was also able to bring forth a role and a star for Phillip Seymour Hoffman. For as the book "In Cold Blood" was Capote's best work, so was 'Capote' Phillip Seymour Hoffman best role. This film did so much for him. Enjoy.