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Cape Town Pub South African Fusion foods and wines

Cape Town Pub
Cape Town Pub
Cape Town Pub San Diego

Cape Town South African Pub and Fusion


The history of South African cuisine is a rich and diverse as the country and people who live in it. For a moment transport yourself to a time when ships and sailors, would journey to India and China along the spice route from Europe.

The journey would take years, which is why Europeans would plant citrus trees and other kinds of produce to prevent scurvy. What those seafaring folk did not realize was from those seeds would grow curry, farmer’s sausage (boerewors), dried farmer’s sausage (droewors or dry wors) pies, BBQ (braaivleis) and jerky(biltong) to name just a few.

South Afrikaans were influenced by the Germans, Dutch, British and they have the largest population of Indians outside of India.

On Saturday May 3, 2014 Cape Town Pub celebrated their grand opening, San Diego City Councilwomen Lorie Zapf gave an opening greeting of Howzit . She then described how her family came from Mexico and opened their first restaurant and acknowledge the 35,000 plus South African nationals that now call San Diego home.

Zapf who is also considered the restaurateurs friend helped ease restrictions on sidewalk cafe tables, by reducing red tape in order to get a permits for outdoor dining.

The 350 plus guest were also entertained by Akayaa and Bolga Zohdoomah who sang the songs of Africa and performed Zulu dances. One of the songs that pleased the crowed was Yazare which means welcome in Fra-Fra the group danced in traditional African clothing that was bright and vibrant as their music.

Cape Town Pub South African Fusion, is some of the best food you will ever eat outside of the country itself. My top choices are of course the traditional British meat pies lovingly made by Mez Perkett. They are proud to serve Cornish Pasty, pepper steak, chicken curry, and steak & kidney pies to name just a few.

Grahams Perkett's special curry with rice, lamb, carrot salad and South African salsa is amazing. The curry is very different then what you might experience in a traditional Indian restaurant, it is hard to explain, just know some of the spices are more flavorful and exotic in nature.

The Peri Peri chicken sandwich made from grilled chicken marinated in Peri Peri sauce with slap chips is a house specialty. A note on slap chips or soggy chips are French-fries that are not crispy they are English style made from hand cut potatoes.
For the fish the lover the Hout Bay fish & chips is a lightly floured fillet of fish with lemon, tartar sauce and of course slap chips.

Desserts can be enjoyed at the pub or can be taken home for special events, I strongly suggest the milk tart (melktert) , Malva pudding and the flake delight. One thing to add to your culinary bucket list is the Lammingtons squares. The dessert originates from Australia , a marbled cake soaked in chocolate and then rolled in coconut.

Happy Hour is an absolute deal, the Cape Town meat plate biltong,dry wors, served with cheddar cheese for $9.95. Samoosas with a choice from potato, chicken or beef served with chutney $5.95. The gourmet pie of the day is a steal at $5.95.

Cape Town also has an extensive variety of South African Wines selected by Peter Koff who is considered an expert on the wines of the region. The bar area features a decent assortment of beers on tap and offers cricket, soccer and American football on the many big screen televisions.

Cape Town Pub
7580 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 800-2700

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