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Cape Fear 影片輕鬆看

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"A few moments later and you'll be speaking in tongues," said the stalker who only pretends to be a good Christian man.


By Julie D. Griffin

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Shoe on the other foot, is a race to the clock. A story which quickly escalates to the rape of his wife ~Although at first, the naive young daughter enchanted by the violent rapist before she knew what he really was once said that, "The only thing to fear on those summer nights was that the magic would end." What the young girl did not know is that she did not know what was being done to her, or what was going on. Robert De Niro, a convict who just spent ten years doing some prison time for raping and violently beating a young woman gets mad while there and makes a decision to torment the family of his prior attorney. But whether To Kill A Mockingbird, the suspense thriller, and after he rapes and beats the young female colleague of said attorney, the story along with the naive young daughter, enough to make a woman swear off dating at any level forever. De Niro complete with tattoos that mark a path to his unfounded, yet decibated revenge ceremony, terrifies the toenails off of every coward lawman on the path. He even so very clever, beats the vigilante boys half to death who said counselor finally positioned to stop the man after he murders the family dog at a firm, high noon. After the rape of his very best work buddie and female friend, escalates to the next level, the violent fake who has heretofore convinced all officials and law enforcement that he does good, when in secret he whispers evil comments to the women and brags to those others whom he also terrorizes, "I am like God, and God is like me." The officials have created a monster.

The once proud counselor who roared like a woman should after a rapist is convicted, ten years prior after he buried evidence on the man, knowing of course that the man a violent and hateful secret rapist, a stalker so invisible wise, the clever psychotic retains the services of his opposing counsel friend and turns the truth around to make the lie of Max Cady look like the truth. "I will let no man drag me down so low that it makes me hit him ~ Christian harmony," claims the deluded judge of the film, and although prior counselor actually the stalked one, Cady has the whole courthouse believing him, the violent rapist, the attempted seducer of the fifteen-year old daughter, the criminal as innocent man, the female victims hushed and oppressed. The lawyer reduced to a ball of confusion and with his heart beating so hard his chest plays musical punk rock between his two ears, he finally finds out what it is like to be the victim of a lying criminal, and ever the opportunist Cady makes plans for his next level of secret attack. Able to move in and out of the house of counsel without detection, Cady covered in as if self-inflicted wounds tries to imitate a battered woman and with him, the drive to destroy the family of counsel, only a sick game.

The young female clerk who once hung out with the married man and thought nothing of the girls, the secret, and now protected stalker who once harmed the women without emotion, without fear. Of course, while no good man a coward of the film, and the women only looking for a few good men if any at all are left on earth anymore, able bodied to want to stop the stalker, only the criminal feels sorry for himself. He uses the sympathy ploy. "I dropped a pound every year of my sentence." Everything is fine with everything until the man tells council he wants to settle right down and move to his neighborhood. The man who refuses to stop the bad man only becomes his later victim.

A touch of Hitchcock ensues. She lifts her fingers to her temples at her dressing table. A pixie haircut. The 1991 version of the film. She looks out of the window and atop a fence around the home sits the stalker man they warned about. Now, an invite of their own dumb volition.Atlanta, GA., where council had the man as a client, bad man looks him up and goes right to New Essex, N.C. the filmed locale of the particular Cape Fear here. The double endemnity of the shoe on the other foot already played out by his now raped young female council, council and his own wife found out through the story of the film what staying awake for days to guard your own home after no one believes you really feels like. And though the stalker quotes bible scripture and uses it to fight for the rights of himself undeserved, to deserve to cooly make himself although evil look good, and the good innocent look evil, no magnolia looks good tonight. At least one man starts to believe and come to the rescue to help protect the women too. He said, as he contemplates real justice that he wants to gut and eat the kidney of the stalker whose cash money buys people off as fast as his lies as the story goes along. The family finds out what the terror of smooth mad men really means. But for now, council has no time for that easy evening dining on a nice pecan pie, as the shoe on the other foot, he knows what it is like to be the victim of the psycho stalker who sings, "I'm bound for the promised land," as he practices his craft justice protected. Rated R.


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