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'Cape Fear' is very scary

Cape Fear


Many highly regarded film actors and actresses, Oscar-worthy performers, have crossed over into television. Prime time audiences are currently celebrating the work of Jessica Lange in "American Horror Story." Her excellent work here is just a reminder of her significant achievements as a film actress, a good example being the 1991 movie "Cape Fear."

"Cape Fear" is a remake of a 1962 movie. In it, sinister Max Cady (played by Robert De Niro) is released from prison after serving 14 years for rape. His lawyer, Sam Bowden (played by Nick Nolte), hid information during his trial that would have gotten him a reduced sentence. After being released, Max vows revenge. He terrorizes Sam, his wife, Leigh (played by Lange), and their daughter, Danielle (played by Juliette Lewis).

"Cape Fear" is directed by Martin Scorsese. As he does with his other films, Scorsese directs with a lot of energy. Also, he does an effective job of creating an atmosphere of dread and terror.

The cast of the movie is excellent. Robert De Niro earned an Oscar nomination for his strong work as Max. He is a very good villain. Nick Nolte and Jessica Lange are equally good as the terrorized Sam and Leigh. But the best performance in the film is by Juliette Lewis, playing the troubled Danielle. Her work also earned an Academy Award nomination.

"Cape Fear" is a very entertaining thriller.