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Canyon Ranch Grill – An Honest Dining Review

View of Canyon Ranch Grill
View of Canyon Ranch Grill

Canyon Ranch Grill


Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa is known for its healthy spa cuisine. I had been looking forward to trying out this place for quite some time, and finally went there yesterday for a belated Valentine’s Day dinner. You can peak at their menu here.

The Good:

As I’ve mentioned before, I am borderline vegetarian and was very excited to see many vegan, grass fed, and other organic selections on the menu. We tried the house starter, an appetizer, entrees, and dessert. The portions were controlled which I thought was a good thing because nowadays you can have a day’s worth of food in one seating at most restaurants. You can also review the calorie, carbohydrate, and fat content in each one of their dishes and our wonderful server, Patricio, was very informative of the contents and tastes as well.

From the dining experience, we really liked the artichoke fries. Even the ketchup was organic. This was definitely a different taste from the worn out French fries you can have just about anywhere else. Wonderful at 45cal. and 3g of fat per serving (Portion is for 2 servings).

The Ok:

The house starter was composed of long, breadstick-like pieces served with humus. The humus was nicely spiced, but I think it would have made more sense to me if it had been served with veggie crudités instead. My entrée was the Red Curry Vegetables (Vegan and Gluten Free. 490cal. 15g fat) a nice balance of citrus, coconu, spice, pistachios, and veggies - which was good - but quickly reminded me of a well-known brand of organic microwaveable entrees and made me think of how good those are at about $3 - $4.

My boyfriend had the South Georgia Island Chilean Seabass (390cal. 32g fat!!), which I did not try, but he described it as, “Good, but not great.” We then ordered dessert. I ordered the plum cake and my boyfriend was anxiously awaiting the chocolate chip cookies, a house specialty. We then received something that resembled a cupcake sized pound cake with a plum on top and two chocolate chip cookies. The plum cake was good, but I am sure it’s something I can make at home – like strawberry shortcake. The two cookies, while they were chewy and warm, I don’t think were worth the hype.

Overall, I do think the food had a healthy appeal to it, but I don’t think the pricing was justified by the taste or the presentation. Don’t go to this restaurant if you are starving and hoping to have a very large meal. You can probably achieve that by ordering several things, but it might run up your bill considerably since the portions are small and controlled. I would probably go back for a “staycation” at the resort, but just for dining based on what we tried, I think home cooking would be worth considering instead at one third the price.

I might give their salads a try next time. Maybe the selections we made were not their best, but unfortunately I was not impressed.

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