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'Cannibal' wears its shocks with style

Now Available on iTunes or VOD
Now Available on iTunes or VOD
RAM Releasing



Thrills; no! Chills; yes! "Cannibal" is a moody Spanish chiller that wears its shocks with style. Moving at a languid pace, slowly dissecting a sociopathic main character. A meticulous tailor by day, a maniacal killer by night who eats his prey, preparing his catch at a mountain-side hideaway.

Available now on iTunes or VOD
Film Movement

Beautifully composed, this film has little dialogue or explanation but, that doesn't detract from its well-suited cinematography. Shot from the perspective of the hunter, he sizes up his game of attractive women with the same measured deliberation in which he plies his fastidious craft.

A mundane existence cloaks a refined psychopath. Always looking, never acting. At least, that is until no one else is watching. Only close to an overbearing seamstress. She tells him that he will never find a girl. He laughs because he may have already found her in this weird love story that exposes the grisly nature of love. A love that will surely be torn apart.

Antonio de la Torre inhabits his role as the titular namesake. The deliberate story draws in the viewer, making us an accomplice in the sordid details. Identifying with someone who can be both monster and gentleman. Wonderfully accentuating the seductive nurturing quality of a tradesman with the emotionless gaze of a murderer.

RAM Releasing, an offbeat offshoot of the movie of the month club known as Film Movement, does it again with a really good art house entry. I was beginning to feel this avant garde distributor had run its course over 10 plus years with rather run of the mill releases. However, I feel they might be trying to prove me wrong with a quartet of outstanding new films available in the last two months with Kim Ki-duk's "Moebius", Italian mafia saga "Salvo", Chilean award winner "To Kill A Man" and now, "Cannibal".