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Caney Fork Restaurant a great place for southern style food and friendly service

Sweet delicious and all you can eat
Photo by Cindy Bolton

Caney Fork Restaurant


If you are looking for a home cooked meal, full of southern comfort, and a pile of catfish Caney Fork Restaurant is the place to go. Located just north of the Opryland Hotel and right off the freeway, Caney Fork is a great place for a casual family meal.

Whether you are in the mood for surf or turf they have something to satisfy you. Their ribs have been called “Nashville’s BEST” and the catfish fried, grilled or blackened, is a cut above the rest. As soon as you sit down they bring you a basket of sweet corn fritters. These fritters are not only delectable but they are also all you can eat. One thing is for sure, if you leave hungry it’s by your own choice. The portions are large and the flavor is delicious.

The wait staff is truly friendly and ready to make your evening out enjoyable. Their slogan is “A Nashville Southern Style Restaurant Serving Camp Style Cuisine - Served with A Killer Smile”. They are serious about the smile, and their southern hospitality.

If you happen to save room for dessert they have one of the most unique desserts in town. “Campfire S’mores for Four”, you take your marshmallows to the open fire pit in the center of the restaurant and roast them to your liking. After you get things all roasted the way you like just add the graham cracker and chocolate. What a better way to not only treat yourself but capture and enjoy a piece of your childhood.