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Can You Dance on the Moon?

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How to Dance on the Moon by Laura Ginter

  • Have you ever traveled to a destination with unfamiliar surroundings yet had the feeling that you had been there before?
  • Have you ever been introduced to someone and immediately thought that you had met them at another time and place?

Well, these feelings represent emotions you may encounter as you read through the text of "How to Dance on the Moon."

Laura Ginter, the author, offers this novel based on a premise that a lady named Bootie Baxter was born with unusual analytic abilities to gaze into, not only her own, but the future of people around her.

Throughout her life, Bootie tried to keep her uniqueness a shallow secret from her friends and also from a family of nieces and nephews living with little to no guidance because their parents were taken from them.

Bootie inevitably faces the dilemma of whether or not she should take her gift to its conclusion, which she had never permitted, when a stalker threatens the life of a family member named Grace.

Grace believed Bootie had insights, especially when Bootie identified the stalker and offered a plan of intervention to save her and her young daughter lives.

The book's title characterizes specific personal traits that determine who can actually meet the criteria to 'dance on the moon.'

"How to Dance on the Moon" seems most appropriate for someone who enjoys adventure in fiction; an adventure that's filled with rapidly moving mystery including whole life incidents that may identify similar or personal connections to the readers own life.

Click on the arrow of the pictured book cover at and the introduction is sure to capture your curiosity.


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