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Can America Survive? Updated Edition, 2011, by John Hagee

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if you purchased the hard cover in 2010, the soft cover's updated information is worth another read.


Remnant Report: Middle East and Bible prophecy, Mount Vernon, WA:


Can America Survive, Updated Edition, by John Hagee, Soft Cover, Howard Books, 2011, 320 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1439190562, $14.99

World renowned pastor and best-selling NY author, John Hagee again warns America in this updated edition of Can America Survive? Fresh material revises and updates the original chapters, plus two brand new chapters have been added in the soft cover edition.

Hagee writes America is heading into the "perfect storm" and uses today's headlines to demonstrate. He says the "seeds for tragedy" are sown by the negligent handling of U.S.'s trillion dollar debt by Congress and the current administration. The disturbing violence evidenced by global protests, and "wars and rumors of war" that span the globe. From hot spots in the Middle East, Iran, Tripoli and Iraq, to religious persecution with the ascendance of Muslim traditions.

He uses the examples of Hitler and the Nazi regime writing, "...if you do not know history, you are doomed to repeat it."

He cites the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 tragedy as assaults on America's feelings of invincibility—unimaginable and unthinkable—until they occurred. Hagee believes these tragedies prove two points. "...the unthinkable can happen and given the right conditions, the unthinkable can quickly become the inevitable."

He ties current events to bible prophecy with the use of charts and Scripture, to relate what he believes happens next—the Rapture of the church—where he says believers will disappear in the "twinkling of an eye."

He details the world's move to a "New World Order," the loss of sovereignty and the arrival of a new world constitution, currency, income tax, ethic, military power and religion. With a list of ten regions ruled over by the New World Leader.

Part Five, Hope For a Troubled Nation includes new chapters that stress hope for today in these dire times. He cites America's Founding Fathers, their beliefs and the importance of prayer. The book concludes with Prayer Proclamations for America, a group of Scriptures to pray for repentance, healing and Scripture to pray for our nation's leaders.

Even if you purchased the hard cover in 2010, the soft cover's updated information is worth another read. Review of the 2010 release, Can America Survive?:

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