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Cam'ron takes on career longevity and old staples for '1st Of The Month Vol. 3'

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1st Of The Month Volume 3 EP by Cam'ron


In what might have been a strategic plan to garner hype for 1st Of The Month, Cam'ron has released three separate EPs under the same main title, weeks apart from each other, rather than putting out all the songs at once, LP style. The third installment in the series, 1st Of The Month Volume 3, is a good continuation of some of the themes from the first two installments but also stands apart with diverse, new material. Production wise, there is not a whole lot to dislike. The beats are robust and strong with a few samples sprinkled all across the board, just good, traditional hip hop beats, not boring but also not risk-taking either. Most of the subject matter is concerned with Cam'ron's imposing dominance in various gangster affairs. Get ready for lots of bragging and male posturing but also just good hip hop verses as Cam conjures up more clever lyrical rhymes all over the EP. Fortunately, a tangent is taken in "On Top," as Cam'ron discusses his history in the rap music business and also shares some of his other experiences before and during his music career. In the same song, he also ponders how his retirement might affect his fans. 1st Of The Month Volume 3 is a solid effort from Cam. He marries his advanced skills to the excitable beats, invites a few friends (JuJu, Estelle, and Hell Rell), and supplies more marvelous controversy for both fans and general listeners.