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‘Call of Duty Ghosts’: Just another iteration or something greater?

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Call of Duty Ghosts


Call of Duty is known for its thrilling, non-stop-Michael Bay-like action and for its multiplayer which has captivated so many players across all platforms. Activision has now published their tenth title, Ghosts, and it certainly deserves praise for the most part.

The focus of many shooting games has moved from the campaign to the multiplayer, but the highly linear campaign in Ghosts is what helps give this game its high value. Like most Call of Duty games, players get thrown into horrible scenarios and are dropped into every part of the world imaginable. Players go from creeping through jungles after a plane crash to shooting up enemies in the Earth’s atmosphere to even avoiding sharks while underwater. Sure, this all may sound a bit far-fetched and it definitely is, but the line between realism and fun has to be drawn at some point. No one wants to be constantly fighting terrorists in the Middle East; Call of Duty Ghosts brings a new kind of shooter to the table.

The campaign is decently long but doesn’t have the length to make it worth sixty dollars. Instead of having a Zombies mode or a Spec Ops mode, Infinity Ward introduced Extinction mode. In Extinction mode, up to four players can team up to destroy alien hives and detonate a nuclear bomb to wipe all of them out. It certainly doesn’t deviate from the previously mentioned intense action. From the outside, it sounds like a great time, but after playing just a few games I was burnt out. In fact, there were only nine trophies I needed to unlock before I received the platinum trophy and I wanted to throw in the towel; however, I gave it another chance during Double XP weekend.

Teamwork is the most important part of Extinction mode. Players collectively complete challenges to allow for upgraded abilities which include armor, explosive ammunition, a high-powered chain gun, and most importantly an automated sentry gun. As most experienced players believe, the sentry gun is the most important part of Extinction mode. Without it, success is much more difficult than it could be. With so much customization and ridiculous intensity, Extinction Mode is a great addition to the franchise

Finally, the last and generally most favored component of the Call of Duty franchise is online multiplayer. Since Modern Warfare 3, the quality of online gaming has decreased substantially. The best players have simply become mediocre and the poor players are the actual winners. Killstreaks have become more balanced but somewhat bland. The classic UAV, Spy Plane, or whatever its been named in the past has been replaced by a ineffective and essentially useless Sat Com. Attack Dogs have been replaced by one measly dog which generally doesn't attack until after you're already dead. Sure, there have been improvements such as loadout customization, but in general the maps, gunplay, and killstreaks have hindered the abilities of great players to truly be great.

I won't totally bash multiplayer because there are some nice changes such as the previously mentioned customization. As players level up, they unlock Squad Points which allow them to purchase anything from new guns to attachments to a plethora of perks. Also, the importance of clans is being emphasized by giving players who succeed at the game to be rewarded by extra experience points and other in-game bonuses. Overall, besides some minor improvements, Call of Duty's multiplayer continues to plunder.

Call of Duty Ghosts is an excellent game, deserving of accolades. It certainly has given a different but fresh face to the franchise which typically doesn't change. With an over-the-top campaign and an intense survival mode, Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the top games of the next generation.


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