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California Donuts adds a little bacon in everyone's life

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California Donuts


Pulling into California Donuts, the only noticeable shortcoming is the cramped parking space shared between a handful of local businesses, on the corner of west 3rd St and south New Hampshire Blvd, in the busy streets of Koreatown.

The doughnut shop founded in the 1980’s occupies a modest amount of space compared to the vast amount of doughnut-lovers strolling by to find a colorful array of donuts behind the glass window.

The menu behind the glass divides the traditional doughnut—which includes the basic glazed flavor mounted on a spongy doughnut bread—and the ‘fancy’ signature house compilations, which are more popular, include the creamy, crunchy, savory, and bacon.

Upon the various croissants filled with scrumptious fruit custard, the shop creates a hybrid croissant textured doughnut slathered with maple cream and mounted with crispy bacon pieces. Initially, the sugary whirlwind of maple topping may be overwhelming but, with the shop’s crafty intent, the salty bacon kicks in to balance the sweetness.

While the artistry of baking donuts may seem trivial to some, California Donuts takes pride in the process of creating a memorable experience for people’s taste buds. Next time you’re in the LA area, make a short stop to enjoy a doughnut or two and support your local doughnut shop.