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Cake Boss is also coffee boss

Enjoying the pastries and the coffee
Enjoying the pastries and the coffeeAixa Lopez

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker


We all have heard of the TV Show "Cake Boss". It is about an Italian pastry chef that has a bakery shop in Hoboken, NJ (although he currently has many other locations). People spend long hours in line to taste his pastries. The long lines of people waiting to go into the Hoboken store are discouraging.

However, recently a new "Carlo's Bakery" store was opened in Ridgewood, NJ. On a Sunday morning, the store was fairly empty and we decided to try. The store is beautiful and cozy. The pastries are amazingly fresh and good.

They also have a nice coffee menu. If you like strong coffee, you can try the Double Espresso. The aroma is strong yet sweet (without adding any sugar). You can taste the strong flavor but it is enhanced and softened by the milk you pour into it. If you happen to be in the area, go and try it. Your sweet tooth and your coffee crave will be both satisfied.

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