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Cafe Turko

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Cafe Turko


Known most to Adobe employees, this Fremont neighborhood restaurant offers Seattlites a little taste of the Mediterranean.

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How I heard of this place: Our good friends chose this spot for their rehearsal dinner, the night before their Fairview Park wedding in the spring rain.

Type of cuisine: "Café Turko offers an extensive, authentic menu of Seasonal Dishes and Traditional Turkish Favorites..."

Ambiance: An eclectic, slightly eccentric space, reminiscent of our dining experiences in rural Turkey, where trinkets are collected and sold among the mismatched tables and chairs available for diners wishing to sit back and enjoy a meal with their chefs.

"Our goal is to provide you a unique environment to dine and enjoy the legendary Turkish tastes and hospitality while smelling the tantalizing aromas coming from our open kitchen."

What I ordered: The menu was pre-selected for all the rehearsal dinner guests by the bride & groom and included a diverse assortment of colorful and interesting Turkish foods.

What I loved: A favorite at our table: the hummus! Many who have visited to or had lived in the Mediterranean raved of it's flavor and texture - just as it was in Israel and Turkey. I also thoroughly enjoyed the Wholesome Aegean Musakka, an eggplant dish consisting of eggplant, onions, green peppers, garlic, tomatoes, Turkish red pepper paste, parsley and olive oil and spices melded together.

Why I loved it: Simple, wholesome and perfect to serve a large group of rowdy wedding guests.

Cost: Average