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Cafe Kreyol serves Hope for people of Haiti

Promoting Cafe Kreyol and their contributions


On Tuesday Jan 12th 2010 Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake measuring 7.0 that devastated communities and left hundreds of thousands dead, many homeless and a country in ruins. Many thought the people of Haiti would never recover again. Since that time, organizations and charities have help Haiti rebuild from their losses, but one coffee company has dedicated themselves of offer the Haitian people a hand up rather than a hand out. Coffee business, Cafe Kreyol, is using this philosophy in hopes to lift the spirits of Haitians against their economic strife - One coffee cup at a time.

Coffee Expo in NYC on 2014
Brian A. Madrid

Cafe Kreyol’s CFO Nik Frodigh and CEO Joey Stazzone have also experience turmoils of their own. Both were incarcerated and spent time in jail. Just when things seemed at their worse, it was the comfort and love of God and reading scriptures that structured their lives for the better and welcome the good that comes from it. With a new lease of life, Joey and Nik visit Haiti soon after the destruction to assistance. While observing a woman donating shoes in front of her home, sparks an idea, Using just two motorcycles and employing 38 workers met coffee farm owners to propose selling coffee beans to the market. Since that time, 850 employees are currently in place in poverty stricken areas of Haiti and 50,000 coffee trees have been planted for reforestation.

Currently available for purchase, Haiti’s new and organic name brand coffee, Arabica Blue Mountain Coffee has made these coffee farm owners a substantial amount of revenue with 250% in higher wages than Fair Trade. It has generated jobs and wages so that communities can get back on their feet. Cafe Kreyol prides itself in quality and not quantity. It is this pride that fuels Haitian people with strength to come back from poverty and economic strife with just one coffee cup at a time.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Reporting for, I am Brian A. Madrid.

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