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Cafe 77 Made from Scratch

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Menus tucked in the crook of her arm, glasses of water carried in her hands, and a big welcoming smile on her face as she said, “Welcome to Café 77, my name is Shelia.”

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Welcome is how you feel from the moment you enter the best little café in Oklahoma. Take your mind to childhood memories of family gatherings when the women took pride in their cooking. It was a time when nothing was brought in a throw away container that was purchased in a rush at the grocery store. Remember how your mouth watered as the aromas wafted about the room as the women in a ceremonial type manner, uncovered their plates and bowls, heaped with fried chicken, fresh vegetables, homemade rolls, and desserts to die for. Are you hungry for those days? Are you hungry for food that is made from scratch? Hungry to know your business is appreciated? Hunger no more. Café 77 is located at 501 E. Maguire Road in Noble, Oklahoma.

Robin Stead, one of the owners of Café 77, came to my table, looked me in the eye and said, “Do you know what makes Café 77 different from all other café’s?” Without giving me time to answer, she took her glasses off her face, threw her shoulders back, her eyes sparkled and her face beamed as she said, “EVERYTHING HERE IS MADE FROM SCRATCH.”

“How does that work in a fast food society?” I questioned. She explained it does not always work. Some people will come in and not want to wait for their meal to be made from scratch, even though the quality and integrity of the food is scarified. She continued on to say that is why they have the buffet. Everything on it is made from scratch, but without the waiting. As on cue, the made from scratch steaming hot onion rings were placed before me. My taste buds started to tingle before I had even picked one off of the bountiful plate. When I tasted it, I knew immediately, this is what cooking and eating were all about. In fact, after eating just one….I realized I had spent a life time searching for the perfect onion ring and here it was, made from scratch at Café 77.

The culinary surprises did not quit coming…even the chips were homemade. My steak dinner was juicy and delicious and then I was informed the chef was also a butcher and knew how to select only the best of meats for the customers. You must leave room for dessert, traditional bread pudding, chocolate cake, and hot cobbler with ice cream. I had all three and I can’t pick a favorite, each one is now my favorite.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner….all made from scratch….all available at Café 77 in Noble, Oklahoma at 501 E. Maguire Road. Savor their food, enjoy their colorful logo and signs that hang inside the café, buy a T-shirt, and be waited on by a staff that loves their job and is proud of their food. Call them at 405-872-8826 or read about them at