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"Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" Review

Cabin Fever


"Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" doesn't so much break new ground as it makes you feel comfortable to be invited to one of the goriest parties of the summer.

Just in time to coincide with the real life Ebola outbreak, "Cabin Fever" touches on some of our basest fears and reminds us that even washing our hands aren't enough. Flesh eating viruses don't have agents or speaking roles, so it's up to the actors to carry this 95 minute pustule of dumb fun. On an uncharted island in the Dominican Republic, Porter (Sean Astin) is being held against his will. The bearded captive is being poked, prodded, and patronized by the stern Dr. Edwards (Currie Graham) in an underground laboratory with the goal of finding the cure for a flesh eating virus that Porter is mysteriously immune to.

Meanwhile Marcus (Mitch Ryan), his kid brother (Ryan Donowho), best friend (Brandon Eaton) and high school crush (Jillian Murray) are frolicking on said island without a clue of the skin peeling dangers that await them. Of course, they get a clue when they see fish carcasses floating in the ocean. Those clues are the best. Murray becomes infected by the virus infested waters, because that's just what viruses do. They go after the prettiest people first. When the boys look for help, it's Porter versus the guys with the virus claiming the winner.

Graham and Astin deserve Oscars for keeping a straight face when faces, arms and body parts are falling off around them, but the Academy is likely to pass up this tribute to all things gory. Although you can tell the actors took their jobs seriously, Director Kaare Andrews made sure that audiences had enough B-movie fun to want a sequel. The CGI gods have to be frowing on Vincent Guastini's awesome makeup. In what could've been a truly cheesy display, when those body parts start to decompose, even the most hardened cynics of the genre will do a double take. "Cabin Fever: Patient Zero" feaures a ton of unbelievable moments to make you shake your head, but there's a zombie catfight between the two female leads that will make it at least worth the price of an Itunes rental. Not a lot of films can say that.