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Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat

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Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat


Say the name of this basecoat five times fast! We're mass fans of pretty much anything Butter London, but does this basecoat become a mainstay of our nail routine?

What It Is

It's a basecoat that touts the name 'nail foundation' making us think it does more for the nails than the average basecoat (which is labeled as such).

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What It Actually Does

After over a month and several polish changes, we're still torn on Butter London's basecoat. The plus side is it is a brilliant pick for those who want no-fuss nails and seldom use a polish. As the name implies, the basecoat truly does create a 'foundation' over the natural nail, covering all imperfections and leaving behind a satin-like finish that leans slightly matte. Think of it as the natural look of your nails only refined and perfected.

However, when used in conjunction with nail color (even of the same brand), polish has a tendency to peel. It could be the topcoat we're using (Orly Polishield -- review coming soon) or it could be that we've used better basecoats in our day. Overall, the best polish for Butter London was Chanel with a solid four days of zero chipping despite dishes, showers and regular nail abuse.

Who Needs It

At the hefty price tag of $19, this basecoat is best for those who do not polish their nails but still want nails that look presentable and chic. Because the color is slightly milky-sheer, it really does take on the color of your natural nail and resists chipping for days when worn on its own. For those who need a hiatus from polish or those who simply do not want to baby their nails, this one's a winner. For those who love to change up polish every few days -- keep looking.