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Business Management: Small Business Management Strategies

This DVD could just as well have been titled, “Small Business 101.”
This DVD could just as well have been titled, “Small Business 101.”
Dan Vale

Business Management: Small Management Strategies


This 2007 tutorial DVD is 132 minutes long, and it features six experienced small business owners who reveal the strategies they used to grow their small businesses and to market their products to a wide audience.

This information is very basic, and thus it is perfect for the new entrepreneur, who will have to decide what type of small business to form. Examples of the different types of small businesses that this DVD discusses include a:

  1. Franchise.
  2. Sole proprietorship.
  3. Partnership.
  4. Corporation

This DVD also covers how to choose the best type of product or service that the business can provide. The basic idea is that the business should involve doing something that the entrepreneur enjoys doing and can do well.

Experience also is a factor in the choice of a small business. If, for example, a person has worked for a pizza shop for years, that experience can pay off when that person opens a pizza shop. As another example, a retired teacher might open a tutoring business.

Opportunism also plays a role in a small business choice. If, for example, a person lives in a resort town, a bed and breakfast might be a logical choice.

Other business concepts discussed in this DVD include the:

  1. Business plan.
  2. Mission statement.
  3. Budget.
  4. Orientation program, training program, and staffing procedures for employees.
  5. Business card logos.
  6. Marketing strategies for the business.
  7. Financing methods for the business.
  8. Insurance for the business.
  9. Financial and legal advisors for the small business owner.

This DVD considers the challenges and rewards that come from owning a small business. The small business owner, for example, needs to be a self-starter with a good work ethic. Starting a small business, however, sometimes can be a very good strategy for an unemployed or retired person. Furthermore, successful entrepreneurs eventually can sell their businesses or turn them over to their children.

The six business owners in this DVD gave their advice in a “talking heads” fashion. Although this format was not exciting, there was a treasure trove of information available for the budding entrepreneur. Given the statistics of small business failures, this information is critical for an entrepreneur.

Even those who have no intention of starting a small business can understand better the small business and its owner that might employ them at some point in their lives.

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