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Burn the Floor absolutely scorches it!

Burn the Floor broadway show
Burn the Floor broadway show

Burn the Floor


Full disclaimer: I have done ballroom, salsa, west coast swing and argentine tango for many years. I love it as much now as I did then.


As a former ballroom dancer I could see all the moves on stage and identify the dances, the amazing moves the beauty of each dance. But the show is I think meant to expose the average person to an experience that Dancing with the stars never can. The live performance grabs you out of your seat. When the first act opens up you get chills. It was very powerful.

The moves and the dances

They were all there, the usual ballroom dances - tango, swing, jive, quickstep, mambo, chacha, waltz, foxtrot and paso doble. Then they added a few more - argentine tango, salsa, west coast swing and lindy. These dances are usually done at socials (dance parties) or have their own dedicated community.

The samba was out of this world. Oh the beats just made you feel like running up on the stage and joining in. Add to that the amazing, dramatic lighting that literally made them pop off the stage while you were watching. If you came to the show with no experience dancing you had no choice but to be tapping your feet to the beats.

The show had a nice rhythm. It started fast paced but throughout acts 1 and 2 would mix it up with the smooth dances (foxtrot, waltz and tango). This no doubt gave the cast a chance to catch their breath and change costumes, but also gave the audience a breather too.

At certain parts in the show they also have a few nice surprises for the audience but you have to go to experience it.

In the end

The finale, danced to a rendition of big wheels keep on turning, brought it all home. The combination of the vocals, percussion and the dancers made for a dynamic, exciting finish that will leave your heart pounding in your chest!

Burn the floor was hot hot hot! It is so exciting to see that ballroom dancing, actually type of partner dancing, being done to popular music was on display for the audience to experience and enjoy. It is so much fun and excitement. This show is for everyone, dancers and nondancers, young and old, families and couples.

My one wish is that the show motivates everyone to get up and ‘burn the floor!’


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