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Burn Cycle and Rivet Review

Live show of Burn Cycle and Rivet.


What are the advantages of going to live venues and seeing shows? You get to see bands that you like and, even better, you get to see new ones. Why is that so important? Tons of reasons, but the most important is that it keeps the live music scene going. That said, I went to check out a band that is new in the scene (Burn Cycle) and a band that I have seen and know I like (Rivet). I left the show happy and with a new band to add to my must play and see live list. So, meet Burn Cycle and see how they and Rivet destroyed the stage and rocked the house.

Thanks to Burn Cycle for the interview. You can hear it on the next Rockwell UnScene Radio show on Flying V Radio. Thanks to Cruella Photography for the photos.
Cruella Photography
Burn Cycle live.
Cruella Photography.

Burn Cycle - this band just played their 3rd show and I saw them tear the roof off the club. The band is made of veterans of the music scene: Wreck - Vocals, Eggers - Guitar, Sampson - Guitar, Boads - Bass and Torrey - Drums. With a heavy rock sound and just the perfect mix of metal, this band gives a show that is in my opinion, a must see. Not only do they have a good sound, they are a band that knows how to own the stage. They move as they play and they draw you in. Each one seems to go to their zone throughout the set. From metal faces and gestures to smiles, this band knows how to keep all eyes on them. What can you expect from a Burn Cycle show? One hell of a good time with a kick-ass sound track to back it up.

Also playing this show was Rivet. A hard rock band with a European metal edge. They can be described as riff-driven rock that infuses a raw and pure sound. The result is a band that has meshed together all their great influences such as AC/DC, Soundgarden, Motorhead, Alice in Chains, Circus of Power, but they made it their own sound. I have seen this band a few times and I can tell you first hand that you will not be disappointed.

By: Melissa Anderson- Rockwell UnScene

Photos by: Cruella Devill Photography.

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