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'Burn After Reading'

At least some agent friends have the rocking right idea.


By Julie D. Griffin

Brad Pitt stars as a body builder health worker employee turned amateur C.I.A. agent.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

She will play ball if you all will pay for several required cosmetic surgeries. ~ C.I.A. Assistant

The black comedy genre film, the definitive question not so much although it is what went on at 160 Olive Street and with an Osbourne Cox of a Brad Pitt film connected up to John Malkovich, any real clear motive for this film, and tolerance levels at an all time low, oh for Pete Sake or to use appropriate English, for the sake of Pete, or more specifically George Clooney, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, and Tilda Swinton, no one really knows what is going on with everyone else and most especially a very comic version of the underground intelligence of the C.I.A. Other hard bodies and the idiocy of today; the league of women morons according to the 2008 Venice Film Festival premiere afficiondo, Malkovich as a prior C.I.A. analyst who quits his job after a political fiasco of his peers puts pressure on him to retire to some unknown Russian snow mountain or two. Malkovich plays Cox, who like the rest of the characters of the fast moving mishap, no one knows what time of day it is.

These days, with dating a lot more complicated than working for the Secret Service, at least some agent friends have the rocking right idea. Malkovich, a man who comes home to find the lock changed by his wife who having an affair gets to find out with the help of body builder club expert Brad Pitt what getting cheated on and dumped by a spouse really feels like. And like the song one thing leads to another says, and also after the treasury department employee spending time with the wife of another agent, all of the comedic group along with the C.I.A. admit, "We don't really know what anybody's after." And so a film along the lines of the once Pink Panther films, and with the exception of one memoir intrepeted by binaural computer code, the book and the surprising death of the body builder playing amateur detective along with his female colleague who gets ahold of what they believe top secret information all make for some interesting fantasia of confusion. It is surprising to find which of the characters make it out alive and which ones do not. A concrete body suit soon paves the way for one of them, and more specifically the character Brad Pitt plays after he accidentally shoots himself in the closet while spying on the cheating husband of the cheating wife of another agent.

One big happy investigative family, each agent makes the other paranoid about the game of all of the events going on. Things go awry for the amateur ones involved, and avid playboy Harry, disturbed by the unknown burglar who shot himself by mistake goes far from easygoing to Code Red in a matter of minutes. In the meantime, the woman who wants the cosmetic surgery paid for proceeds to the Russian sectre of the embassy to sell her information, which the memoir of the very most secretive kind found of at all places at a health club locker on a CD. Harry soon finds out pretty quickly though that dating a number of different women secretly while keeping that information from each of the different women a sport too hot to handle. He makes the only logical conclusion after he finds a man not him murdered in his own home, and tries to make a break for the overseas border, after he repents and does his best to encourage the wife of the agent he slept with, and the now stumped detective of Tucksman Marsh, who hired by the wife who wrote the book for children such as The Sultan of Sally, who expected the fact to stop the act a lot sooner than what it did. Watch the film to find out which final female victor got a Mickeymouse embassy to finally pay for her surgery. Rated R