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Burger Broiler has five star potential

Tacoma's Newest Burger Hangout
Tacoma's Newest Burger Hangout

Tacoma, Washington's Burger Broiler


Tacoma's Eastside neighborhood has undergone a remarkable upgrade over the last ten years. Once a haven for the lost and hopeless surrounded by trees and underbrush, the Eastside began an urban renewal task that started with the Salishan housing development and is continuing to spread toward Pacific Avenue.

What was once an abandoned assortment of buildings on the corner of 38th and East McKinley is now a thriving and interesting strip of restaurants. Antojo (a Mexican eatery) has the catbird seat next to 38th. Next to Antojo is the newly expanded and remodeled Burger Broiler.

My dining companion and I went to Burger Broiler two days running as we had an appointment in the area the second day. I had the Flatbread Sandwich the first day and the Single Burger basket the second trip. My companion had the Bacon/Chicken Sandwich first, and the Fish Sandwich in round two.

The flatbread sandwich was excellent. Roasted peppers rock my world and the sauce that they use was just right. I had regular fries and they were good, though there were a lot of broken pieces. My companion said the bacon/chicken was excellent, and she raved over the Grilled Cheese Fries which include a bit of fry sauce between the cheese and the fries. I had a bite (maybe two...three?) and agreed that they were really good. We were well on our way to a five star rating but I don't like to rate after just one visit. Confident though, we returned the next day.

I thought, "I can't rate a place called Burger Broiler without having a burger" so I ordered the Single Burger basket and substituted the Grilled Cheese Fries. My companion had the fish sandwich.

She said that the fish sandwich was "just okay" and we discovered that the Grilled Cheese Fries" didn't have nearly the amount of fry sauce as the day before. They were fine (with a little ketchup) but the day before they had been heaven sent.

My burger lived up to our five star expectations from the day before. Diners who have enjoyed an In-N-Out burger would find a taste similarity at Burger Broiler. The burger was much like that fine chain and I greatly enjoyed it.

The decor of Burger Broiler is great. There is a southwestern feel to the interior and the ceiling has a western style silver on black decor. Its really pretty.

The prices are a little higher than what you would expect to pay for a Whopper but Burger Broiler proudly trumpets their "Six Items for $10.00" special. It consists of the no-frills items but it does appeal to the strictly budget conscious.

We will return to Burger Broiler because we believe that it can be outstanding. Its good right now. They can tweak it toward greater consistency and it can be great.