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'Burden Of Dreams'

He planned to finance the opera house by use of his rubber tree profits.


Of course, one thing that some people hid under the consideration of a more unexplainable embarrassment, which that the man who on the private home and grounds of a people and presumed himself able to take and do what he wanted without any thought as to what he would do if someone did that to him.Therefore, the surprise did exist after the Indian persons put out information that said they only wanted to protect themselves and the original home and privacy. A home, a place where you want to live. Where they lived at first, the group who had a lot of finesse' as those who indigent style natives, honor the custom of peace and just as the real truth about most native American Indians purposely avoided all interference with, and made an express effort not to bother others. Herzog at least searched for a place, where with the help of Mick Jagger, Jason Robards and the other backers and all others an first rate help out with the drama edge of the project which the documentary here describes. After Sir Jagger had concert and recording commitments arise though, the project required some restructure value. The pure cinema vérité of Les Blank also coincided some here with his respect for the relationships and families and lives of others. The documentary does a veritable best work of showing how the privacy of others must be formally protected lest they would want some of the same invasions of privacy happening to them ~ At least the crew showed a lot of class, and by a overly polite way of continued requests for permission and to go about things which respected the rights of the people from the smallest ranked native to the most highest and valued holy medicine person. The people which Jagger and the others so kind to, also considered as persons, individuals and human beings just as themselves. Although some of the people who got involved here and even the native Indians, so enthused to perform thus, the same others represented an analogy of another mirror of Shakespeare style of raw acting reflected, and with an even surprising find absent of most persons consideration, so used to his label as a singer performer, that of Mick Jagger as a pure method or style actor. A 1982 Werner Herzog film, but for what time he spent there at work on the project, the acting ability of Jagger shone a lot of light on the Indians present, as well as his surprising talent as both a traditional & romantic renaissance style actor. Burden Of Dreams, although about a man whose greatest dream, to build an opera house deep upon the brown powdered jungle floor of the Amazon Forest, may just as well apply to women with similar aspiration. Fitzgerald, an Irish man changed the pronouncement of his name to enable the Indian natives of his temporary forest to find a way to speak his name. During 1979, as historical information might predict, the Peru and Equador Indians at odds with each other made the dream of the man, and which suspicion of on a basis of wonderment about motive, one only understands why the whole scene tense at best. Still, Werner Herzog produced the film with the feature dreamer who really named Fitzcarraldo, launched his ideals upon the peoples of South America and with indelible feat.

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Once the filming of the story of the Irish man resumed, and with the film crew not willing to just pretend and gloss over that they just went to another place of other persons and threw them out and destroyed a family or families and people to get what they wanted of the land or the use of it ~ For Fitz did not do this at all. Neither did he use the excuse later that if they invaded others who they hurt, that perhaps the children who espoused of said natives, should all just be better to turn the other cheek and allow strangers to own let alone occupy the land. Or to be violated better, such uncomely advice seemed to simply just allude the gentle Fitz whose instead, obvious humanitarian love for art, beauty and people predicated the main along with a fairness born of love tried to bring love to others.