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Bunhead sends the feet of Studio Roxander's students somewhere over the rainbow

Bunhead foot protection products


There are some things that you cannot live without. For some, it may be a hot cup of coffee with cream each morning. For others, it could be the ear plugs that block out his or her spouse's snoring, allowing him or her to gain a full eight hours of sleep every night. Here is what a number of the ballerinas at Studio Roxander cannot live without: Ouch Pouch toe pads and Jelly Toes/Pinky Pads. These Bunhead products have earned the loyalty of these dancers because they provide hard working toes and feet with incomparable protection, making these products staples in nearly every dance bag.

The comfort of Ouch Pouches will send you somewhere over the rainbow!
The comfort of Ouch Pouches will send you somewhere over the rainbow!
Ouch Pouches come in stylish colors of the rainbow

There are a variety of pointe shoe toe pads for dancers to choose from. The pads vary in length and thickness and can be found in both cloth and gel. Some dancers like the feeling of their toes being cushioned by a layer of squishy gel when they go up en pointe. However, for other dancers, gel covering all ten of their toes causes their toes to sting or even fall asleep so they choose to use pads made from cloth, lambs wool, and other soft materials. Although these options work for some, pure material does not mold very well to the dancer's toes and can be irritating when rubbed back and forth across the skin of the foot by a pointe shoe. The design of the Ouch Pouch is a happy medium between these two standard types of toe pads.

The Ouch Pouch toe pad is a thin layer of gel that has been fully covered with smooth material. This option offers the dancer equal protection on all of the toes whereas fluffy cloth toe pads tend to scrunch in places from the pressure of bending one's foot in the pointe shoe, leading to discomfort. The addition of gel to the design allows the dancer to experience the durability of this substance while not having to actually feel it on their feet. The pads also feature long edges that stretch an inch below the baby toe, offering the dancer protection on the side of her foot. This region can be a blister-prone spot for many dancers making this added cushioning invaluable.

A review on from a satisfied dancer with especially tender feet wrote the following: “Without them my toes ached. I'm so glad I bought them - I can actually dance pretty comfortably now without stopping every minute to massage my toes!”

Dealing with achy, stinging, or asleep toes during a long rehearsal is enough to make a dancer want to call for Prince Siegfried to carry her away on a white horse. Ouch Pouches from Bunheads are the Prince Siegfried of toe pads as they effectively rescue ballerina's feet even during all day rehearsals. There are no dying swans as long as Ouch Pouches are always on hand!

There are few things that can make a pirouette combination go South faster than a blister or a blister-waiting-to-happen. But for dancers who have a few Pinky Pads stashed in their pointe shoe kit, the danger of a pesky blister hindering their turns is decreased considerably. Pinky Pads are stretchy pieces of gel that fit over a single toe in order to keep a blister from rubbing against the pointe shoe or can also be worn routinely in order to protect blister-prone toes.

Jelly Toes are very similar to Pinky Pads except they only have gel on the side that is being used to cover the blister. The other side is made of fabric. Too much gel can crowd the dancer's toes so some choose this option instead. Both products provide significant relief and are life savers when there is not time to let a wound heal before dancing again.

These Bunhead products have stood the test of time for the students of Studio Roxander, becoming must-haves for many dancers. Ouch Pouches, Pinky Pads, and Jelly Toes can be purchased at Studio Roxander's dance shop and viewed online at They can also be received by mail from and