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'Bull Durham' is a memorable baseball film

Bull Durham


Hollywood producers often look for ways of capitalizing on films that had box office success. Prequels and sequels are a common way of doing this, but a less common method is to retell the story in a different genre. It was recently announced the 1988 film "Bull Durham" is being made into a musical. This is an odd choice to be a musical, but maybe, like the adaptation of "The Producers," this will work with the sports classic.

In "Bull Durham," Kevin Costner plays Crash Davis, an aging minor league baseball player. He is assigned to a new team to help a talented, but undisciplined young pitcher, Nuke LaLoosh (played by Tim Robbins). Both men fall for Annie (played by Susan Sarandon), a brainy baseball groupie who has an affair with one player every season. For the new season, she chooses Nuke, but she develops physical and emotional feelings for Crash, which complicates things. Crash and Nuke's on and off field lives become entangled in very amusing ways.

Throughout his career, Kevin Costner has appeared in many sports films. "Bull Durham" is the strongest of these. He gives a great performance as Crash, a talented player who works hard to help Nuke shape his skills. Susan Sarandon is also excellent as Annie, a dedicated and knowledgeable fan torn between Crash and Nuke.

This movie earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay, which was written by the movie's director, Ron Shelton. Shelton was a baseball player before he made the film, and it is clear watching it that he knows a lot about the sport, as well as the people involved with it.

"Bull Durham" is a great choice for fans of baseball films, as well as fans of unconventional love stories. It will be interesting to see how the musical turns out.