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Bulgarian duo Riton closes North American tour with a bang

Duet Riton in Concert in New York City


The much beloved duo Riton, a husband-wife pop team from Bulgaria, made the rainy New York evening in Astoria, Queens, unforgettable for their life-long fans living abroad. Katya, the duo's softer and wittier side, and Zdravko, her husband and partner, brought to tears old admirers and won some new ones among the younger audience.

With evergreens like "Maybe" (Mozhe Bi), Don Quixote and Dulcinea," and "You and I," they left no doubt that great music lives outside of time and borders. Fresh as ever, the duo performed with great energy, unfading smiles, and with much spirit for over two hours. The magic really happened when they both engaged with the large crowd, playfully bickered with each other, which earned them a heartfelt response from the crowd. Mixing singing with their husband-wife humor routine, Riton became part of the Bulgarian diaspora family instantly.

Having recently completed their 35th anniversary tour in their native Bulgaria, the duo shared their joy of delivering great performances with their fans living in the United States. The singers credit their professional and matrimonial longevity with a shared love for music. Reportedly, their marriage-con-partnership relationship is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Duet Riton's personal and stage presence was charming and truly inspiring. After a triple encore, the duo sang the emotionally stirring song they called their "most Bulgarian song," "Moya strana, moya Bulgaria," leaving no dry eye in the audience. Zdravko, too, was fighting back tears while singing the nostalgia-charged favorite.

The New York concert was the last leg of the tour, and one that both audience and performers will remember for a long time. Tirelessly, they entertained the gathering in Club Purlieu in Astoria. The level of professionalism of the entire team, including the sound editor Boris Chakurov, was not lost on fans and other musical professionals in the audience. Riton proved that they are timeless and have "music for all ages,"as their rock-end-roll medley suggests! The New York audience will welcome them again as soon as possible.