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Building better baby brains with braininsights

braininsights builds better baby brains!
braininsights builds better baby brains!



Ahhhh…babies. There is nothing like them! There’s nothing like a baby’s brain, either.

You may not think much is going on inside those cute little heads, but quite the contrary is true. Remarkably, those little brains are growing and stretching in ways that we often don’t consider. But the research is out, and experts know that what you do with a baby (as well as how you treat a baby) has far reaching effects into his future.

But with all of those night-feedings, early-morning awakenings and laundry, who has time to brush up on the latest research? Enter braininsights. This Wisconsin-based company, which is the brainchild (ahem!) of Deborah McNelis, boasts a line of early childhood development products bar none.

I recently reviewed braininsights entire line of “Brain Packets” and as all as I can say is “WOW”! I was impressed from the first card to the last! There are "Brain Packets" available from birth through age 5 (in English and Spanish), as well as a nature edition. The cards are written from a child’s perspective and give you an activity to do with your child, along with the research behind it, explaining how it will help your baby’s brain.

Most importantly, when Deborah developed these cards, she never lost sight of the hurdles that parents with young parents face: namely, time-constraints. That’s what makes the "Brain Packets" perfect. There’s no need to commit yourself to reading in-depth chapters in a book that you may or may not be able to finish. You need the facts…at your fingertips. Yep! “Brain Packets” have you covered in that department, too.

Quick, user-friendly and one of the biggest gifts you can give your baby! The come conveniently bound together on a clip and can easily be thrown in the diaper bag, your pocket or the console of the car. When things are easier to use, you are more likely to use them. And when it comes to your baby’s brain, you don’t want to cut any corners. Ninety percent (90%) of your baby's brain growth takes place in the first five years. Do you know the best ways to optimize your baby’s brain development ? braininsights does! And then some!

(Note: Those of us that live in the Upper Peninsula are lucky enough to be “neighbors” with Deborah McNelis. In fact, she was in the U.P. this past Fall, providing a training at Gogebic Community College. Hmmm…smart folks that hired her to do that!)


  • Ingrid Johnson 5 years ago

    Deborah does an excellent job in educating about an often overlooked, misunderstood area of great importance. Her knowledge about baby brain development and the engaging ways she chooses to share it is really a gift. Please share her information with everyone you know, parents to be, parents, caregivers, and anyone concerned with what is best for our children and future.

  • Lauren Zimet, M.S.,CCC/SLP, Better Brains for Babies Educato 5 years ago

    I agree! Deborah's enthusiastic, hands-on, style for educating communities on baby brain development is completely engaging.
    If you have the opportunity to attend any of Deborah's presentations, I strongly recommend you do so. You will leave with new ideas that are truly make a difference in the life of a growing brain!
    Brain Insights, Brain Packets are excellent for parents, families, daycare centers, early educators -- anyone working with young children.
    Wishing you all, healthy brain habits...when we start early, healthy brain habits can last a lifetime - it's worth it.

  • Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD 5 years ago

    Thanks for stopping by Ingrid and Lauren. I agree that Deborah is top-notch!

    Wendy =)

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