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Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant in Pasadena disappoints

Buffalo WIld Wings
Buffalo WIld Wings
Diane Tegarden

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant


Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant, located at 1000 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105 is a small, noisy fast food restaurant with no less than 30 TV screens for viewing all types of sporting events imaginable and drinking beer. If you're going there for some tasty ribs, you are seriously out of luck. They serve various appetizers, like: nachos, fried mozzarella sticks, chips and salsa, chili con queso dip with tortilla chips, corn dogs, bite-size sandwiches that they call slammers, deep-fried garlic mushrooms, fried pickles, spinach artichoke dip, a chicken quesadilla, jalapeno pepper bites and soft pretzels from $4.49 to $9.89. They offer a variety of fried foods including; French fries, potato wedges, Buffalo chips, onion rings, veggie boat, Mac and cheese or coleslaw from $.99 to $6.29.

They also serve three flatbread pizzas, a buffalo chicken flatbread, a Parmesan garlic chicken flatbread or the spinach artichoke chicken flatbread for $8.99. The menu also includes 4 burgers (black and bleu burger, screamin’ nacho burger, juicy steak burger and big Jack daddy burger) and 3 sandwiches (jerk chicken sandwich, Buffalo Ranch chicken sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich) from $9.89 to $10.79. You can also get wings, chicken tenders and popcorn shrimp. And don't forget the beer. There no less than 12 domestic offerings, 15 imported offerings and 10 craft and specialty offerings of beer.

If you're looking for some lighter fare you can order a honey barbecue chicken salad, an Asian zing chicken salad, a chicken Caesar salad, a grilled chicken salad or the chicken tender salad for $9.79. Or if you're into wraps, you can check out the Buffalo Ranch chicken wrap, the Southwest chicken queso wrap, the pepper jack steak wrap, fish tacos, a chicken wrap or the grilled chicken buffalitos (two flour tortillas with grilled chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo sauce, cheese, sour cream and Buffalo wild wings sauce from $9.39 to $9.79. For the children in your party, they offer a choice of eight kid's meals for $4.99.

If you're in the mood for dessert you have two choices, vanilla ice cream with toppings or the chocolate fudge cake from $2.29 to $4.99.

Since my party was in the mood for ribs, we were seriously disappointed to find that the closest we could get to ribs was an overpriced pulled pork sandwich and a steak burger. What we were looking for was a delicious dinner, what we received was a steak burger that was unremarkable ($10.79) with a side of coleslaw. The plain white bun had no taste and the onion rings that accompanied it were soft and tasteless. The glass of iced tea was a whopping $2.59, and it seemed to be an inconvenience when we asked our waiters for refills.

The pulled pork sandwich ($9.89) was very tender and the Buffalo wild wings sauce was tasty, however it was listed as being served with coleslaw, yet they added an additional $.50 to our bill. I found the white bun to be tasteless, and the portions were extremely meager.

We had ordered an appetizer of roasted garlic mushrooms which did not come before the sandwiches; in fact, we had to remind our server that we had ordered an appetizer at all. Unfortunately, when they did arrive after our sandwiches, the mushrooms were over breaded, so they tasted oily on the inside, doughy on the outside and had very little garlic flavor.

As for the service, we had several waiters come to our table and you would think that would mean we received exceptional service, but the opposite was true. Although they all asked how the food tasted, they dashed off before they gave us a chance to respond, and were surly when we asked for our appetizer and the drink refills. It seemed that as soon as they realized we weren't drinking alcohol, they were no longer interested in serving us.

The dining area tables and booths, patio and bar were filled with people laughing and drinking, and trying to talk over the very loud music. We were made to feel extremely out of place because we were not consuming alcohol, and I would not suggest it for people who don't intend to drink there. All in all it, we ended up paying almost $40 for mediocre food in small portions, and poor service. I would not recommend it and will not be returning.