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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

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Buffalo Wild Wings


Buffalo Wild Wings located at 2905 Geyser Dr., (719)219-1500, is a good place to watch whatever sport thrills you, and enjoy good food at the same time. There are plenty of TV screens surrounding the dining area, and the bar so you don’t miss any of the action. They also have an assortment of trivia and other games you can play. Their menu is so diverse it took me multiple trips to sample just a few of the numerous creations they have to offer.

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First I had their Fish Tacos ($8.49). The fillets were cooked to a beautiful golden brown, and basted in my favorite wing sauce, parmesan garlic. You can pick any sauce you like. They were served in two flour tortillas, topped with coleslaw, pico de gallo, and a blend four shredded cheeses. With a batch of hot, fresh shoestring fries on the side. The tacos were so good and flavorful, I devoured them quickly. Then I made short work of the fries.

You will not go thirsty at Buffalo Wild Wings. There are Pepsi products, quite the collection of beers, cocktails, and spirits to be had. Also the have flavored lemon and limeades. My favorite is the Huckleberry Lemonade ($3.29). It is absolutely delicious and very sweet. I recommend having a glass of water as well to counter the sweetness.

Next I started off with an order of three Soft Pretzels ($4.99) as an appetizer. While it came with a jalapeño cheese dip, my server Tammy suggested I try the Asian Zing sauce with it. I took her up on her intriguing recommendation. The soft pretzels arrived steaming hot, and covered with melted butter. After letting them cool a bit, I tried the Asian Zinger sauce. It added a tangy zing that didn’t hinder the flavor of the pretzel. I’ll have to order that more often.

Then I had one of their three new sandwiches. The Buffalo Grilled Cheese sandwich ($8.49) is three breaded chicken tender sandwiched between gooey melted pepper-jack cheese on a grilled, upturned hamburger bun. The chicken tenders come basted in the medium wing sauce. However if that’s too hot, you can request another sauce be used. As a cheese lover I found it decadent. This sandwich is a definite must try.

On my third trip, I ordered the deep fried Garlic Mushrooms ($5.49) to start. As recommended by my server Sam. I was disappointed. They were cooked to a proper golden brown, but there were only two actual mushrooms in the entire batch. The rest were pieces and stems. Being it was Boneless Wing Thursday (60 cents each, 4 wings minimum) I ordered six wings. They were covered in the Honey Ginger Kick (limited time only) sauce. I requested celery and carrots instead of fries on the side. The sauce was incredible. Right away I could taste the honey. It took about 20 seconds for the light hint of ginger kick in. It was a savory, sweet, and tangy flavor. I would love to see this as a permanent addition to the menu.

For dessert Sam suggested the Cheesecake Bites. They are little balls of cheesecake battered, and deep fried. The dessert menu said they were drizzled with caramel. When they arrived, the caramel was on the side in a cup, along with a cup of chocolate syrup. The cheesecake bites were heavenly. A word of caution though: The breading locks in the heat from the deep frying. Let them cool for a few minutes, or you could burn yourself.

Tammy and Sam both took really good care of me. Tammy has usually been my server when I visit. I hadn’t been there in a while. So I was surprised that she not only remembered me, but remembered my favorite drink. That was a great feeling. It was like it had only been a few days since my last visit, not months. You can be my server anytime Tammy. Sam did an excellent job taking care of me, and answering any of my questions. The shift manager, whom was also out on the floor, was very helpful too. Thanks to the both of you. I don’t remember the server on my first visit. She didn’t really do anything that stood out. So ask for Tammy during lunch hours, or Sam at dinner. They’ll take care of you, and make you feel welcome. Tell Tammy Mr. Huckleberry Lemonade sent you.

If you're feeling adventurous, ask if Elizabeth is working. Then ask her to whip up her Brick House sauce. Elizabeth mixes three different sauces to create it. (Honey BBQ, Asian Zinger, and a dash of Parmesan Garlic) It is absolutely delicious. I intend to request some more on my next visit.