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Buffalo Killers release new album Heavy Reverie

Heavy Reverie


Buffalo Killers is a band I first encountered when a friend of mine passed a CD of the band along to me. I immediately loved the classic rock sound and the mellow vibe the band creates. Furthermore, I was immediately interested when I heard Buffalo Killers had completed a new album.

Heavy Reverie will be available Tuesday 13 May
Chad Bowers

The classic-rock sound is still there, and if anything Buffalo Killers leans more toward the blues rock of the 70s. The relaxing vibe is still there too, although the first two songs "Poisonberry Tide" and "Dig on In" provide some pretty good doses of heavy rock. The guitar in "Dig on In" sounds a lot like the guitar you'd hear on a release from Small Stone.

The band also takes a turn toward the psychedelic with songs like "Cousin Todd". This has a guitar part that's a little spacy, and some harmony vocals that definitely fill your earholes with psychedelic sounds. And if you like that taste of psychedelia, just wait until you hear "Sandbox". The guitar at the end of this song will - in the words of Taj Mahal - help you "take a giant step outside your mind."

Here's the thing you need to know about Buffalo Killers and this album: it's not alternative rock. It's not indie rock. It's just righteous (it's about time we restore that word to the parlance of our times) rock and roll with no apologies. If you like rock and roll, you will love both this band and this new album. Heavy Reverie will be available on 13 May. Buffalo Killers plays the Constellation Room with Howlin' Rain on 21 May.