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'Bubble' by Anders de la Motte

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Atria Books

Bubble by Anders de la Motte


Over the last couple months, I have been reading and enjoying the “Game” trilogy by Anders de la Motte that started with “Game” and continued in “Buzz.” I was happy to have a review copy of “Bubble” so that I could complete the trilogy and see what the author had in store for the end of this story.

Sweden if preparing for the royal wedding of a princess as the Game rolls on. HP is still hiding from the game in what seems to be an almost hopeless game of cat and mouse. He may have plenty of money but he lacks the freedom to enjoy it. His only friend is Mange and he cannot even keep in close contact with him for fear that the Game will hunt him down. Rebecca’s life has changed drastically and she has left government service to work for a private security firm while her relationship with Uncle Tage grows tighter.

Everything changes when HP receives a text asking if he wants to get back into the game. Now with the Game Master scheming against the wedding, HP must make a tenuous partnership with a group of ex-players to prevent an attack on the wedding. At the same time, Rebecca finds herself working for a man who may be heavily invested in the Game and discovering her family’s secret past that suggests that the choice to make HP a player was more than just chance.

I thought that the trilogy got off to a good start in “Game” but that it got bogged down in “Buzz” which seemed to ramble on at times without a clear goal in mind. “Bubble” is a strong book in the vein of game in which the author keeps a sharp focus on the story and keeps it moving along at a fever pitch. While my main issue with “Buzz” is that it seemed to wander at times, “Bubble” may be said to be too focused with no pause for reflection on the story but rather just too much at times packed into a single book. I think that the trilogy overall would have been strong if de la Motte had condensed “Buzz” into half a book and expanded upon “Bubble” to round out that book as well as this third book. “Bubble” starts off quickly and the action of the story is maintained right up to the last page of the book.

“Bubble” is a rollercoaster of a thriller novel with little time for story development or reflection. The reader is just thrown into the story from the start and then rocketed along until the final climax. While this makes it an entertaining read, it was a bit of a letdown for the trilogy overall. While I enjoyed the trilogy, I feel like it could have been much more than it was if the pacing of the story had been better. Scandinavian fiction in general, and thrillers in particular, have become very popular in the United States in recent years and the “Game” trilogy is an entertaining read. I just wish that the story had lived up to its full potential.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Atria for this review copy. “Bubble” is available from Atria books now.

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