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Bryson City Tales by Walt Larimore MD review

Bryson City Tales by Walt Larimore MD


Title: Bryson City Tales
Author: Walt Larimore MD
Genre: Religion and Spirituality
Pages: 330
Price: $5.98 for Kindle Version
Thoughts: A feel good read.


Bryson City Tales is the first of three books by author Walt Larimore MD that discusses his career as a doctor in the small Appalachian town of Bryson City, North Carolina. As the first book in the series, the book discusses the ups and downs of a new doctor, in a new town, who must also deal with his family of small children, one of which has disabilities.


There have been many complaints about this series of books from long-time residents of Bryson City, North Carolina. Some residents felt that the author poked fun at the small town values of the town's residents. While there are some funny moments in the book, it doesn't feel as though the author is purposefully aiming to make fun. The author has also changed the names to protect the privacy of his patients and others that appear in the series.

Bryson City Tales is actually a delightful book that will make you laugh and cry. The down home feel of the book makes it a relaxing, feel good read that almost anyone will enjoy. Whether you're a new resident of Bryson City, have lived in the city forever, or are simply a tourist, this book is worth reading.

The book is followed by Bryson City Seasons and Bryson City Secrets. Each book in the series provides feel good stories about the doctor running his family practice and his interaction with the town's residents.

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