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Top 3 Ice Cream shops in Denver

Ice Cream Shops


As summer is winding down to its final weeks we have to bid adeu to our DIY distressed Levi shorts and "bro tanks". Amidst the change of seasons , crappy fashion comes and goes but the sweet , sticky and deliciousness of ice cream stays.

Some of Denver best ice cream shops not only boast of great flavors and whacky names like fluffernutter ,but their location and decor also makes a memorable impression for tourists and natives alike. Below is a list of the top 3 Denver ice cream shops based on flavor, creativity and location. These are in no general order, but if you haven’t already check out these shops, do so!. You’re not a true Denver native if you haven’t visited at least one of these shops in your life time.

Sweet Action Ice Cream

Flavors/Creativity: Sweet Action by far has some of the most eccentric names and unique flavors. Early Grey, Hibiscus, Lavender are just some, They also have a select number of adult flavor like, White Russian and Stanahan’s whisky brickle for the those inclined to kick in their ice cream. All the ingredients use Colorado dairy , natural ingredients.

Location: A 5 minutes drive from downtown Denver in Broadsterdamn , this shop is located near natural herbal shops and overpriced hipster consignment stores and great local sushi. . What else could make this the coolest location to grab a scoop. Every block you walk by is entertainment alone.

Click here for more info Sweet Action

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

Flavors: Bonnie Brae has the traditional flavors you grew up loving in your childhood: chocolate, butterpecan , mint chocolate chip. What makes this ice cream shop having lines forming and people coming up for more? Its natural home made , creamy ice cream. They make the ice cream fresh daily . They also make a variety treats in the winter season like brownies, hot chocolate and massive rice crispie treats.

Location: In a neighborhood of Cherry Creek and a 10- minute drive to the great Wash Park. Its basically Denver’s smaller version of Central Park. Make sure not to drop your ice cream cne as you run into the mothers speed walking with their baby stroller . Also, ladies try not to break your neck watching all half naked men jogging around. No complaints here.

Click here for more info: Bonnie Brae

Little Man Ice Cream

Flavors: Little Man offers a small selection of flavors, some of which are traditional flavors but also unique flavors that change daily. On your visit to Little Man you might not always see the same flavor during your previous visit. .

Creativity: If someone took a picture of the earth from space you would be able to spot the massive milk jug that is Little Man, dead on. This place is just over all, an excuse my use of teenage diction-- totally cute. The emloyees are dressed like old fashion 1950 ice cream shop employees with white and red striped hats and white crisp aprons and pants.

Location: The Highlands , Denver’s own little San Francisco. Great architecture and new hip restaurants are found here with a break-taking view of the city skyline. Oh, and its located next to Linger also known as Oliger formally a mortuary . Creepy or way cool?

Click here for more info: Little Man

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