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Brotherhood of Darkness book review

Book "Brotherhood of Darkness"


Brotherhood of Darkness, written by Dr. Stanley Monteith was an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise. I read this book with some skepticism thinking Dr. Monteith might be another conspiracy theorist. However, I quickly changed by mind in chapter one.

This book is a very well researched and informative endeavor to educate the masses on the true power behind governments and world events. The material is presented in a very readable style and references are easily verifiable. Dr. Monteith simply submits history and facts in a thought provoking way. He leaves the conclusion up to the reader.

One method Dr. Monteith incorporates is to suggest questions the reader might ask. He then presents pertinent information to aid the reader to discover the answer to those questions. Rather than being a boring, academic dissertation, this book reads like a well-orchestrated drama based on actual events. It was entertaining as well as eye-opening.

This is, I believe, a must read for Christians, conservatives and I would hope it finds a liberal market as well. Because of the quality research, even detractors can't legitimately argue what Dr. Monteith presents.