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Broken Spoke Songwriters Reunion 2 day event Recap/Review

Broken Spoke Songwriters Cafe Reunion Performances



Some fun photos taken during the event
Some fun photos taken during the event
2014 Wilson Photography
Some great songwriters that came to the reunion
2014 Wilson Photography

2 day event – 2 words – HUGE SUCCESS! The music was phenomenal!

They came from near and far. Some of the writers still live in town and some live far away but distance became nothing more than a word on July 23rd and July 24th, when the songwriters that used to play at the Broken Spoke Songwriters Café adjacent to the now defunct Ramada Inn came together to remember. The venue was filled with music, love, admiration and respect that all the writers feel for each other. You could literally feel the love in the room. Birds of a feather as they say and all of these birds love to create beautiful music. This type of atmosphere is where it all begins. Without the songwriters there would simply be no songs

The reunion took place at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, TN, the performances and the picture taking started at 6:00 p.m. and went to after 11:00 p.m.

About the Spoke

Anybody that was in or around Nashville from the mid 1990’s until 2002 know all about the Spoke. There is not one songwriter that does not have a special memory of that venue. When the writers speak of the “Spoke,” as it was so lovingly referred to, they speak of it with love. The writers speak of the magic, the camaraderie and the hit songs that were inspired there. The room had an air of creativity about it that has not been duplicated in any venue since.

Lee Rascone' was one of the hosts at the Spoke as well as Debi Champion and Dale Burie. Jack Scott hosted there for a time as well as Barbara Cloyd but Lee and Debi were truly part of the heart and soul of the Spoke.

Sadly, the Spoke closed down in 2003. The people that frequented the writer’s room have never forgotten or lost their love for the Spoke. No room has had the vibe, the feel, the love or the togetherness that room held. Countless hit songs were born there. Relationships were started in that room, people got married in that room, and at least one hit songwriter perished in one of the hotel rooms adjacent to the songwriter’s café.

The lineup of songwriters that performed at this 2 day event:

Jimmy Payne, Jerry Foster, Karen Wheeler, Gerald Smith, Billy Lee, Tom Fedora, Jan Andrews, Don McNatt, Karen McNatt, Ed Coffey, Randy Finchum, Bill Warrington, Robert Loftis, Hank Sasaki, Stephanie Corbin, Ken and Jeannie Veltz, JT Cooper, Toni Staples, Larry King, Chris Wallin, David Lee, Tony Lane, Reese Wilson, Joel Shewmake, Gene Cook, Mac Elliott, Penny Menzie, Dani Carroll, Cheley Tackett, Leigh Reynolds, Steve Zacker, Jack Bond, Greg Wilson, Colleen Lloy, Kim Carrere, Sam Cooper, Lee Rascone, Jamie Hunter and Paul Sanford.

If you performed and I don’t have you listed, please contact me and I will have you added.

This was 2 wonderful and memorable nights.

All scheduling is subject to change as people get sick and have family emergencies. If you are coming to see one particular artist, please check out the artist’s website or Facebook pages for confirmation of appearance as these articles are published a week before the events and life does happen.

This is a premier listening room full of ambiance, vibe and will have some of the best writer’s in Nashville, TN taking the stage on Wednesday & Thursday nights via Lee Rascone. With Lee’s son Lee Jay running the sound board, the sound is always pristine.

The venue is located inside of the Millennium Maxwell House, 2025 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, TN, 37228

Operating Hours for Maxwell’s are:

Maxwell’s the Lounge is open daily from 2:00pm - 11:00pm

Live music begins at 6:00 p.m. central time.

FREE PARKING, NO COVER OR TICKET FEE, great food and drinks and phenomenal music.

For people who would like to be considered to play at Maxwell’s’ please email/text Lee at

If you are a performing singer/songwriter and would like to be considered for a Featured Interview/Article please email or visit:

Like them at Facebook at:

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