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Broadway's 'A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder' kills the show

Dead on hit musical comedy of Broadway! Hits the bulls eye every night." BroadwayGlobal
Dead on hit musical comedy of Broadway! Hits the bulls eye every night." BroadwayGlobal
A Gentleman's Guild to Love and Murder

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder


A real life emergency killed Broadway's "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" performance, but not for long. Broadway Global shares the exclusive as we sat in the audience the stage manager came on stage gathered the stars, and stopped the show. The audience was informed to stay in their seats as the staff, cast and crew did an amazing job dealing with the emergency. This was live theatre, and it only gets better!

The stars came back to start what is one of the best numbers in the show, "It's Better with a Man" that brought down the house not once, but twice.. thanks to the emergency! I have never been in a Broadway theatre when this type of incident has occurred, but the staff, cast and crew deserve a Tony Award for the professional way this was handled. Now on to love and murder, because no emergency could up stage this book, cast and musical comedy.

Tony Award winner Jefferson Mays will have a great chance for another Tony win for his brilliant performance with many twist and turns. This five star review of "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" hits dead on, as they announce the Broadway cast CD will be digitally available February 25 2014. The CD disc is available in stores and on line April 1, 2014. "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder musical comedy is a dead on hit for Broadway! Hits the bulls eye every night." BroadwayGlobal.

Bryce Pinkham (Monty Navaro), a distant heir to a family fortune sets out to speed up the line of succession killing off each of the eight heirs with charm.. This is one of those reviews where you want to tell all, but just can't as it spoils the fun of the show. Let's share the amazing cast, and stress get the Broadway ticket that patrons would kill for!

The script and lyrics are stars as well, with Book and Lyrics by Robert L. Freedman, Music and Lyrics by Steve Lutvak. What I love about this musical is this, because my partner Ron Hutchins is a multi award winning Director/Choreographer I can compare reviewing a show to choreographing a show, which in this show it is not about the choreography, but about the movement furthering the plot. The choreography or stage movement by Peggy Hickey does just that! A review, like choreography should share the journey of a show, but in a review you can't give away to many details, let Playbill do that, otherwise you spoil the entire magic of a production like this. Let us just say the Book and Lyrics by Robert L. Freedman, Music and Lyrics by Steve Lutvak and Direction by Darko Tresnjak is a bulls eye hit! Darko's brilliance as a director was evident even in such early productions as "The Skin of Our Teeth" at Swarthmore College. (Your FLCT fans are watching your career closely.) I would even say don't read the Playbill till after you have enjoyed the show. "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" offers more fun than any musical comedy this Broadway season." Broadway Global.

Again, I am lucky enough to say that not only did I train for theatre at the AADA, I also worked around the world in productions from Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Japan to Disneyland's first musical production of Aladdin. I have seen the elements of lighting, scenic design first hand, from working on stage and watching my partner SDC Ron Hutchins put all these elements together, including sound, lighting and seamless sets changes. I must stress the set within a set is also magical, having a stage on a stage, lets you know this is a show within a show. "All these elements are brought together to highlight a gimmick, that thanks to one amazingly talented actor and a star studded cast will surprise you! The leads are all Tony Award worthy, as is the Book and Lyrics, that all make this Broadway Musical Comedy not to be missed!" Theatre Chat.

Cathrine Walker (Phoebe D'ysquith - usually played by Lauren Worsham) and Pamela Bob (Miss Barley - usually played by Cathrine Walker) picked the right night to be on! Bryce Pinkham (Monty Navarro), Jane Carr (Miss Shingle), Jefferson Mays (Asquith D'Yaquith, Jr.), Jennifer Smith (Tour Guide), Pamela Bob (Miss Barley - usually played by Cathrine Walker), Jeff Kready (Tom Copley), Joanna Glushak (Lady Eugenia), Eddie Korbich (Mr. Gorby), Price Waldman (Chief Inspector Pinkney), Roger Purnell (Chauncy), and Joanna Glushak, Eddie Korbich, Jeff Kready, Jennifer Smith, Price Waldman, Cathrine Walker (Ensemble).

"A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder " is sure to make another killing at the box office! The must see killer musical comedy of the season! Theatre Chat. "A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" marketing use Hashtag #GGLAM, on social media like Facebook, because this Broadway killer musical is more "GGlam" than a Kardashian! get your tickets now, this is the surprise of the Broadway season. A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder playing Walter Kerr Theatre at 219 W 48th Street New York, New York 10036. For tickets call 212-239-6200 or visit

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